escape rush arms because of shortage

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icity a to deliver, also drag along last of Li Du, there unless come hard of, otherwise can swallow this tone. But come to hardly is all right?Don't Brandon Crawford Authentic Jersey say first navy's camp still just river in red eyes prepares to sign a
head achievement to do hurl-like in shape, only the disorderly bureau of
group without a leader inside Wu Chang Cheng, fear would not° until
several days also settle down, had the of that time the whole country to
all know, people's party again want to beat to also make the Dian
measure the result of killing brutally the revolution hero!
Now northern side battalion's Buster Posey Authentic Jersey coming over has already had no to hang to read, the crack northern
ocean also affirms and starts out, Yang Qiu purchases so many machine
guns to obviously outrun a defense demand, so he affirmation think early
like be good friends with to fight this battle so much!As long as
canning tee off fame and prestige in this war, the hammer chain is an
iron soldier, that time.......Where does world still have to can not go?
"Send an individual over Madison Bumgarner Authentic Jersey the river."Yang Qiu raises hand to let everyone to immediately pipe
down and say:"Tell them, Zhang Biao occupies family temple Liu, already
seriously threaten Hankow, our army currently arms serious shortage, the
military expenses has no, the soldier is also not enough, they always
can not looking at to Hankow and again subjugate?"
Sung son is pure knowing a smile:"The commander cans say that again,
however they also affirmation didn't so easily believe us, so make a
person who dares to talk go, slicing doesn't can be been or so by them."
"Still wanting a town must Casey McGehee Jersey live and mix 1:00, the mouth greatly orders, and the voice loudly
orders!"Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi finishes saying, but oneself first on
clapping head, joy way:"See me, how think of commander, that baby to
roll knife meat!"
Is public is an in a roar again, even Yang Qiu is all stired Be
getting more happy, after deeply absorbing tone press down emotion
behind calm down of say:"The affair that contacts a communication with
opposite shore Chris Heston Jersey from the Xiao eldest brother and the text view you to do, moreover you
are choosing several individuals and coming out, maritime customs and
police these are two we will never can depend on beard Rui Lin they,
wait until Wu Chang the affair settle down I estimate to give us the
name of the military government branch, so some affairs now have to the
beginning set set up, and we most importantly still want and as soon as
possible beat Zhang Biao now!"
"I parties the person made up railroad work to once probe."Speak of
proper business everyone seriously get up, the Yue Peng points at a map
stand to say on the table:"Occupy at family temple Liu's Zhang Biao to
destroy a department to there is thousand odd around, much in order to
cruise city camp, horse mark and his close Wei, there are also parts of
29 object person's horseses, escape rush arms because of shortage, the
soldier comes back to say that saw 5 big guns with 2 stand machine gun.
Family temple Liu is apart from George Kontos Jersey Hankow northernmost Japan to rent boundary not to arrive 10 kilometers,
train station outside the geography spacious untenable defensive
position, inner part but road turns and twists, or so all is the
railroad worker's dormitory and warehouse, and a few trains stop in the
railroad bureau, the machine gun all has already shot dead angle after
getting into, and Zhang Biao still buttons up a train, should be think
enemy not after take advantage o to escape indiscriminately, so I feel
to want to defend to flee el ?
Posted 29 Jun 2017

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