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Saima is undoubtedly Lollywood's top-league and most sought-after actress. Right from her first film, Khatarnak (1991), to her superhit film Budda Gujjar released on Eidul Fitr, this lady has worked in more than 250 films, and is the reigning queen of the industry.
In the 10 years of her career, she has got several awards and performed many memorable characters.

Saima said that she intended to come into direction, but before joining direction she would want to properly learn all the technicalities of film-making. She said that direction was not child's play.

She further said that she could come into this field but she herself did not know when, because she was too much occupied in acting. "I have no time to marry even," she declared.

Saima said that other heroines must concentrate on their work rather than passing statements as to who is and who is not number one.
She said that she did not believe in sifarish, "After fininshing my work I go back home and have a good sleep. But, those heroines who take the support of sifarish usually do not last long.

"Look at the Indian actresses," she said, "Look at Shabana Azmi. She is always number one in a way, because she has a place of her own in their film industry, which no one has taken."

Saima said that those heroines who claim that they have offers from India are telling absolute lies. "They go to India and have themselves photographed with Indian actors, and published them in newspapers."
About (late) Sultan Rahi, she said, "Rahi was not a conventionally handsome looking man. But he was a great star, and a very cooperative person. He never caused any losses to any producer, even he had to work in several shifts at a time. He was the real number one."
She further said that even today, film makers are obsessed with the Rahi kind of films.
Talking about Humayun Gujjar, she said that it was a bad film, but because it was a success, every producer was encouraged and wanted to make films like this one.

She admitted, "I am quite fed up of working in films on Gujjars and proclaimed offenders, and being part of a three-song-two-scene role, but unfortulately there aren't many good roles being written for women today."

Saima said that she enjoyed working the most with Syed Noor, "Shahji gives me the right roles and respect. He gave me Daku Rani, Chooriyan, Mehndi Waley Hath and Ghunghat."

Saima said that she also wanted to act on TV and was also getting offers, but due to her tight schedule she was refusing. "Due to my hectic schedule of films, I refused to Abid Ali recently, who offered me a leading role in his play, Hawa Pe Raqs."

THERE U HAVE IT PEEPS.......THE UNDISPUTED QUEEN OF LOLLYWOOD! and what a well-spoken actress she is....excellent points she brings up. way 2 go saima! NFAKFan38001.8119328704
Posted 15 Jan 2004

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