At owner strain uneasy

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ht he still think strong line of take a Li dollar of Hong lead river!This is perhaps and immediately the important event in case of
really being taken a river to go, will fall apart here, wait until a
pure soldier first, everyone is dead have no whole corpses.
The Li dollar Hong also knows Earl Watford Authentic Jersey oneself at the moment even if want to walk to also be not likely to
walk, wave hand to say with smile:"You thought to be many, these several
days I am really some favour, they this is afraid the other people come
to disturb me to take a rest."
Hear a Li dollar Hong say so, Evan Mathis Authentic Jersey even loosen Zhang Zhen Wu tone, the thunder is fierce still don't
believe to loudly say:"Li Du, commander makes me turn to tell you, you
are his superior, the first BE, would be during a lifetime!My generation
is a soldier, now that chooses to wear a soldier to pack to carry on
the shoulder a gun, have no so many bowel son of being feigned, having
never spent so more as wells!He says that even if you didn't wear a
soldier to pack that day,is his old superior!"
No matter have in these words Frostee Rucker Authentic Jersey how much falsely phrase, the Li dollar Hong still listens to at heart a
warm, say with smile:"It is difficult to return to thought of me at the
moment for him."
"The commander said that if have no on that day Li Du to recommend
of achievement, also have no commander he recovers the success in two
towns today, so still make me send greetings to you before coming out!,
To."After thunder is fierce to immediately touch a red cloth wrapping
from the bosom, was public side to slowly open, an all new M1911
pistolses appear at owner in front, say:"The commander says that J.J. Nelson Authentic Jersey last time Li Du you at will in say to like this kind of gun, so
specially sought to Su Hong to living teacher to order to build 1, let
me took to come over to hand over to you."
Yang Qiu of two spread modern style pistol three towns already, just
seeing thunder fierce doesn't wear two have a lot of soldier's hearts
to living to envy, elegant pistol see this gun obviously once polish at
the moment, is also dark to swallow saliva.
The Li dollar Hong slowly pickeds up a gun and suddenly sees played
two timeses to handshake behind to protect top in the wood to still
engrave a to go a small word, hurriedly the Mi has eyes, the flank soup
turned a Jared Veldheer Authentic Jersey dragon to also gather together to come over, and a word reads a
way:"China first Du"!
"This autumn commits tomfoolery......."Say monkey business on the Li
dollar Hong mouth, can gun but don't let go of of meaning, on the
contrary extremely like, just wanted to talk after comparing to row two
times, hear the cannon voice that the opposite shore is abrupt however
spread a burst of vehemence.
Soup's turning a dragon has never fought and heard cannon loudly
frighten all over one Zhan, Zhang Zhen Wu was also that the facial
expression is very white, only Wu Zhao Lin returns calculate town
settle, yell to ask a way:"What is the row?Who is beating cannon?"
"Beat to ring, beat ring!" At owner strain uneasy, the thunder is
fierce but the arrows tread to hurtle to window way, be like a kid's
sort to jump call excitement, those stay at down stairs of guard even
soldier also Jaron Brown Authentic Jersey happily the shot palm reading celebrate.
The Li dollar Hong immediately walks to the window side, see the
black smoke of family temple Liu's direction rising everywhere to
immediately understand and pointing at to there ask a way:"The thunder
is fierce, this BE......."
"Report Li Du, for celebrating Li Du to take a post also in order to
clean up open countryside and prev ?
Posted 04 Jul 2017

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