like forty thermodynamic power

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s this appearance, more have external pressure more united, wait time a long ……everyone naturally the Ning is together. The thin prescription can show Adam Jones Authentic Jersey means, this person's idea seemed to compare to before and deeply sink a
Yang Qiu's seeming don't see Sung son pure vision, his ideas all
concentrate the first battle here up, although the opponent is small and
weak pitiful, can but will never can have mishap, which afraid is too
big dead and injured can not have!So the just strong guild regulations
settles a thermodynamic power overlay for 20 minutes, just ……looking at
black smoke billowing family temple Liu, he to Alejandro De Aza Authentic Jersey republic beginning year emit smoke don't make effort of the shell is
really that"the anger hates" is matchless, changes into a black Suo gold
of future generations to pack 155 millimeters of howitzers of medicine,
don't say 18, a can announce family temple Liu to from now on become
flat ground.
The explosive also wants to improve.......After it's a to along with
take a small book to record, Yang Qiu twists an order way:"The heavy
machine gun gets into a war, inclined shoot to cover infantry,
particularly Brooks Robinson Authentic Jersey inhibit to railroad tracks face to face spaciously, the light machine
gun chaperonage infantry assaults and spreads out as far as possible
while assaulting and depresses body, the mutual has to have been already
The order bottom serves as to take the offensive after reaching of
one regiment two camps, two the regiments are one camp and 2, total 9
stand mark Qin machine gun the quick got to artillery front, canvas'
playing to take is quickly stuffed into a machine gun.The mark Qin
machine gun special voice of Da Da rings out at the same time from three
side and sees go from the direction of command post, three Cal Ripken Authentic Jersey stand the mark Qin become Ji Cape with each other and aimed at by being
inclined to shoot central railroad tracks face to face rapid open fire,
intensive of the fire ordered at family temple Liu's train station to
pull up three death front lines face to face.
Just ……his Ma is virtuous!Machine rifleman all incredibly rate of
speed machine bye arrive full-automatic connect to shoot up!The
thermodynamic power is to be getting more fierce, can bullet ……Zhang Wen
Jing Zi You Xi's face Chris Davis Authentic Jersey is blacker, even Yang Qiu also secretly Nao head.However he didn't
obstruct, after all here now can pull up come of whole is the immature
person that is drilled by two pretty bad light machine guns, need to be
fed continuously then the bullet can be mature, for holding tight this
time a rare true war opportunity, he just cruel devotion 9 pretty heavy
machine guns and 30 pretty light machine guns.
"Commander in chief, BE......Is a German match electricity
gun!(domestic earlier period the form of address of the mark Qin)"Li
Xiang Lin on the whole some knowledges, see the other party release mark
Qin in back the skin suddenly blast open, he how also have never
thought Yang Qiu Shou up incredibly will have even eight towns didn't
equip of virtuous build heavy machine of gun!Canning just shout is Chris Tillman Authentic Jersey a , the bullet of Suo Suo the rain-storm sort beat at before making the
locomotive of bunker, the Chong's steel carriage also cans not holds up
against thus and like forty thermodynamic power and wink became hornet
"Big gun, the big gun aims at a machine gun!"
Zhang Biao's eyes all bled, he was also "Ba Tu Lu" whom big Manchu
Dynasty Qin seals to far from be greedy for the body afraid of death of
generation, riot that night his under charge not is have no a to put
together of dint, ?
Posted 05 Jul 2017

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