complete nonsense commander in chief

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The small tiger of Su whom the first time fights excitedly walks at most before, after death more than ten soldiers protect or so, see the
soldier grasp a captive smile several voices for the Han and wait cross
when the Kurt Warner Authentic Jersey station arrive river's side quickly the everywhere captive lets his
corner of mouths all want slanting.
"Chief there is ship."
Have never waited to find out Zhang Biao, soldier's finger twists to
river's side, hold in the young hand that sees one being dressed in
eight old soldiers in the town to pack revolver from jumped down on
board, see they Larry Fitzgerald Authentic Jersey empress brandishing of a strength arm, seem to be very happy.
"You who know?"
The soldiers of flank all keep shaking head, the Su small tiger felt
suspicious:"What arm does that this silly bird flick?Still smile with
steal a chicken thief?"
"In my eyes, affirmation is to Markus Golden Authentic Jersey admire astute and courageous and brave hat the armed forces of chief."
"Fuck off......Ha ha."
How many mutually familiar soldiers just finished saying and then
coaxed to smile, Su small tiger Mian the head of Nao Nao of the Tian,
however the words said back, from started behind him have been hurtling
at most before Matt Barkley Authentic Jersey and this time calculate not calculate ……sign big achievement?
When Su small tiger thought in high spiritsly, Jiang Yi Wu already
arrive at before the body, he still holds a gun, so the soldier's gun
muzzles all aim at him and frighten hurriedly to yell a way:"I is 41
mark Jiang Yi Wu."
"Jiang Yi Wu?"Su small tiger Nao Nao head, always feel this name be
seemed where once listen to, nearby a company commander immediately
pushed him:"Chief, the thunder big mouth wasn't to say last night, those
Yangtze River helped......."
The Su small tiger also thought of, the thunder was fierce to come to
regiment last night in once said while informing an order, gold Lai
several Lis was confessed by the grasping under charge, assassinated
commander that Michael Floyd Authentic Jersey evening of in addition to gold Lai Li, there are also another two party
persons, had the in front this guy among them!
Jiang Yi Wu Hun however didn't the facial expression noticing a Su
small tiger have already changed and lay by gun to excitedly ask a
way:"Are you that troops?"
"Right road soldier a.......42 marks."The soldier almost says to
leak a mouth.
"Right road soldier?"Jiang Yi Wu's one Leng how can bursts out a
right road soldier?However don't relate to, 42 mark him to acquaint
with, so continue to say:"Chiu text Bin?Is it he that is directing?Go to
and seek him, say that Jiang Yi Wu wants to see him."
The this time takes the tone of Mike Iupati Authentic Jersey having the order to let the food for powder face is getting blacker,
don't say Chiu first text Bin already breach a soldier rules be closed
tightly, even if have no this matter, he is just also a positive eyes,
not only have chief but also have battalion commander here, which round
to a foreignly and just and at present make.See the soldier continue to
hold a gun cold rightness of, Jiang Yi Wu is disaffection to yell a way
very much:"I am to start revolution soldier commander in chief Jiang Yi
Wu!You what attitude is this ?"
"What complete nonsense commander in chief?"
"To, three towns all recovered again come to direct, the carefree
donkey egg is getting more painful."
Food for powder you a talk my taunt to let Jiang Yi Wu's facial
expression suddenly dark come down, stare a small tiger of Su to
say:"Are you a military officer?Is so.......""Are you Jiang Yi Wu who
assassinates Yang Qiu together with gold Lai Li?"Do not wait to fin ?
Posted 05 Jul 2017

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