affirming will appear nominal central

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son pure and Wang Guang Xiong:"The son is pure, Wang Guang Xiong!Your tasks are the most heavy!You right away take two gunboats and an
infantry to connect follow the Yang-tze River go up north into Chuan and
think a way to Fergie Jenkins Authentic Jersey accept plait into the E soldier brothers troops of Chuan, then......The
instant takes down Chongqing and Guang'an for me!"
"Chongqing and Guang'an!"
Meeting the indoor is suddenly silent, everyone sees me, I see you
and all saw the fright of the other party look in the eyes, just
everyone still feels strange why take navy's camp to go, now on the
whole Be getting more Greg Maddux Authentic Jersey understand!Sung son is pure is also a pair of eyes a bright:"Commander
you ……think really far."
Yang Qiu stands keep the straight, as if the javelin of one handle
spirited.He compares these people all clearly, oneself regardless beats
how noisily, unless have immediately the Northern Expedition polish Jake Arrieta Authentic Jersey off that person of ability, after otherwise two months this nation's
affirming will appear nominal central government, whether this
government is how not dependable or not, can after all is the center!So
is bestly opportunity to extend for this period of time, have to take
the big base that beats next firmness for this period of time!But
Sichuan is one of the base core in his heart!So where fear is Hubei and
beat a little bit hardly here him and also want and take out and adjust
troops and have Chongqing as the advance guard of the future military
advance first a station!So immediately say:"I know you at oddness why
Hubei Jason Heyward Authentic Jersey didn't°yet be steady I hasty want into Chuan, I say 1:00 just now!We
aren't E soldiers now, a national defense soldier!Is 1 to want to
overthrow rotting Qing Dynasty and tee off a troops of new nation!So not
our visions ability puts in Hubei, our future is to protect the whole
Yue Peng and Sung son are pure to silently see the steaming hot of
the other party eyes towards seeing one eye, all, connect Tai and Su the
small tiger wait a person all straight waist pole.Protect the whole Javier Baez Authentic Jersey nation!Become a real national defense soldier!Isn't this the soldier's
tallest dream?
Yang Qiu Huan the slow language is soon:"Text view.Now fought, the
soldier's treatment wanted to raise for a while, the past was two pieces
of oceans in January, increased five pieces a person and connected
following military officer now 10 piece, connect above everybody 20.Also
want immediately and first to five pieces of allowances while enlisting
"Eldest brother horse, you right away enlist 3000 man sons, the all
trains, boats and ships of this place also all return you in command of,
the arms and supplies factory also hands over to you the Joe Maddon Authentic Jersey direct production, must want to guarantee the logistic demand that
advertises for to pay this time!Xiao eldest brother, the new soldier of
three this places in the town trained and then handed over to you.Chase a
captive pure 1 time get hurt also of look for person a medical
treatment, everybody 10 pieces of oceans want to walk, would like to
leave of beat them to spread to train with new soldier together.The Yue
Peng and son is pure!Your new soldier also simultaneously beat part Xun,
in no case can relax thought education!
The Xiao Anne's country after noding promise looks around an eye to
set out to advertise for a war of public, concern way:"Brothers, the
battalion will soon press on to the border, we want to carry on to so
large-scalely recover again of war!The arms is perhaps......Want to be
not I lead the river speaks a few lines soft words, really don't go to
so ?
Posted 06 Jul 2017

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