also reserved traditional skin solid

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ing Qing Dynasty to build up republican, how could appoint an old officer?I this killed him!" Most Deng Yu Lin on the corner is Breshad Perriman Jersey really utterly vexed to contend for noisy go, the way of Du Rang:"Go
to, you if not afraid make an abruption in the soldier tomorrow morning,
the soldiers all lead river Yang Qiu there, killed him."
He so on saying, Zhang Zhen Wu still Bronson Kaufusi Jersey really didn't dare to begin, who all know for these several days, the
morale of troops is unsteady, the soldier has a little bit geomancy
grass to move be pull out a gun to open a dozen, come to Wu Chang Cheng
have already had 100 people to die unnatural death for three days, even
die old military officers quite a few, if again keep on making to
perhaps really want cheap opposite shore.
Luckily Liu Gong is C.J. Mosley Jersey tactful, immediately pull Zhang Zhen Wu to sit down:"Like like, don't
contend for, recommend a Li dollar Hong this matter temporarily settled
so and waited Huang Xing , they discuss again after arriving.The big
enemy is current now, which afraid is empty the head also makes him sit
to stabilize morale of troops first."
Now that Liu Gong said so, everyone also have to is temporarily not
discussing this matter, however literature agency with total enter the
Wo Cuo of of meeting is deepened a lot.When seeing atmosphere was now
depressed, the door outside rang out an urgent step voice, Li Zuo Dong
excitedly held telegram to walk to come in:"Reside to just want with Tan
Ren Feng come, this is the just- received Carl Davis Jersey telegram, say to have already arrived nine rivers, most few days later
behind will rush through."
Hear these two names, Liu Gong Xin's bottom is on the whole to
loosen atmosphere, Sun Wu also hopes outside black dark night view, the
vision is flickering to seem at do what importance decision.
Chapter 67 difficulties of new material
The desk lamp bottom from Crockett Gillmore Jersey cleverly made United States, Su Hong livings to lie prone two eyes to
emit light on the table, the concussion excitement hates to project to
go in the very thick diagram paper.
Yang Qiu's lookinging at him doesn't know to is to want and smile or
want to cry as well, the arms problem has already become confident great
trouble, so just all through the night seek to want to ask the progress
of the man sun factory in detail, just have never thought a few arms
diagrams paper inside that he first, integrated into he to take out,
connect a half sentence, the words didn't make oneself speak.
This a few arms diagram the paper is all what he pick up carefullya take
out, totally three kinds of new material, is the sweet M1944 of Mo Xin
Na of future generations respectively, classic virtuous build M24 Dennis Pitta Jersey of the hand grenades is with 80 millimeters of trench mortar data.
Although the soldier fans all like the hair Se 98 Ks, the M1 adds
virtuous orchid or Li-en Fei Er virtuous, but he to the "silly and
thick" Mo Xin Gan Na feeling have a clock only.And old style of Mo Xin
Na Be sweet to compare, the M1944 is getting shorter and small, weight
also more light, also reserved traditional skin solid, in brief
advantages like structure,etc, be easy to large-scale production, the
most is a low very suitable culture soldier to use.Behind this almost
Russian weapons all have, this relates to the state of the nation of
Russia, current China is exactly similar to Russia, soldier culture rate
very low, so more need to be ensured weapon the simple skin is solid,
easily starts.
Certainly favor it another a still important reason, that is the
7.62*54 R Tu bottom good luck in ?
Posted 06 Jul 2017

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