Surprise, surprise: Meera Talks Trash!

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Lollywood actress Meera has claimed that she will give a better performance than the late Bollywood actress Madhubala as the enchanting palace maid in a Pakistani serial "Anarkali". Madhubala had given a memorable performance as the stunning sweetheart of Prince Salim in "Mughhal-e-Azam". "Anarkali" is one of the mega-budgeted serials of Afreen Baig. He has produced highly acclaimed serials like "Kabhi Kabhi Pyar Main" and "Chandni Raatein".

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the mega serial is expected to be Meera's best classic venture. The cast of the serial includes Babar Ali, Talat Hussain, Ayub Khoso, Mohini, Meher Rizwi and Azra Aftab.

This will be Meera's first appearance in a lead role on television. However, there have been some misleading statements about "Anarkali" in print media.

'Meera is a misfit for performing Anarkali's character', 'historical facts are being mingled with' and 'Meera got this role on account of her contacts and influence' are statements that appeared in newspapers.

Meanwhile, producer Afreen Baig has denied all such statements trying to clear the confusion surrounding his dream project "Anarkali".

LOL. the funniest part is...she probably really does think she'll act better than madhubala. LOL.
Posted 21 Jan 2004

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