Cheng may also in the this person hand

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disease is in the body hide past, the door outside and suddenly rang out an urgent step voice, Yuan a life time Kai immediately once the eyebrows pick and drink a way:"Who clamors!" "Master, not good!"There is Jeff Keppinger Authentic Jersey Yin Chang at, servant doesn't dare to call adult, so changed one the indescribable form of address quickly says:"Just the soldier Ye of imperial envoy adult is sent letter and says to just receive news, family temple Liu was had by the rebellious party, opened widely a person life and death also isn't clear!" "What!"Yin Chang does this Jeff Samardzija Authentic Jersey still want to remit to match Zhang Biao to ask a circumstance behind, then quickly counterattack Hankow, have never thought for just short two days, Zhang Biao is annihilated, even was missing persons! Not Yuan a life time Kai Kui is a take fierce, the facial expression constantly cross-examines a way:"But Li dollar under the Hong of hand?" The old servant hurriedly Joe Crede Authentic Jersey shakes head:"Is make Yang Qiu's person do of, he is the right road soldier of the rebellious party now commander in chief, it is said that was this person to still take a soldier to strike against family temple Liu in person, everyone says to open widely a person to may fall very much at his hand up!" "Yang Qiu......Yang Qiu!"The Yuan a life time Kai read several voices and asked a way:"BE killed the party person's leader in street in Chengdu two months ago and was set up formally honest and brave Ba Tu Lu's John Danks Authentic Jersey Yang Qiu by the imperial government?" "It is exactly this person."Yang Shi Qi walked to come in from the outside, he was a Yuan a life time the confident of the Kai in several years, ability freedom at keep a life park to at will pass in and out of several people.Said after paying a courtesy calling on Yin Chang:"News is Hankow rent to spread inside the boundary, also say Chen De Long and Rui Cheng may also in the this person hand, because someone sees Chu Yu's three warships all have already listenned to his adjust to send.Probably there are two mark person's horses now on the his hand, however......The news that Jose Abreu Authentic Jersey Wu Chang spreads is that he seems and there doesn't deal with and send the person begs for to want arms to return drive crest come back, currently man sun arms and supplies the factory control at him, man the steel factory of the Ye Ping was also taken care of by his Israel army to temporarily blockade, he still makes use of Wu Chang to have an accident to Hankow make that night the bandit suffers from of machine, after intentionally tolerating bandit again cut from them each big silver ticket name of shop not under 1,000,000 of huge.After greatly hurting Zhang Biao yesterday more and intentionally made the troops visit a street demonstration, lent this to call up several thousand new soldiers be stepping up training!After returning in triumph is also a moment don't stop as well, it is said that that someone Luis Aparicio Authentic Jersey sees and has large numbers of people the horse is from the man the sun start on journey, just still don't know where went so far." A highly critical of Yang Shi Qi is at the crest, ability drive he is sobotherme so the person of a heap of words really not much, so the Yuan a life time Kai also immediately stuck down this name, started to suddenly clap the next thigh while canning be to hear last night large numbers of person's horses and starting out:"Is not good!Wu Sheng Guan!" Hear this place name, the facial expression of the Yin Chang is also abrupt however changes, Wu Sheng Guan is necessarily a man railroad in city into the E through of ground, Zhang Biao d ?
Posted 07 Jul 2017

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