intends with soldier the next move goes

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dous male pass also wants soldier to guard!He is just eight towns 15 a brigades helping is positive, once learned through two years to direct at Japanese sergeant school, in order to originally stationing here Marshal Yanda Authentic Jersey of 42 marked three camps because was newly arrived to mark an all time Chinese sun accepted training, so received order to station here, the eye saw so big pass Ai but only a brigade not enough 200 people, heavy the Xie was also only 2 five livinged seven mountain cannons, how to be not hasty! More serious BE, because of Matt Elam Authentic Jersey the news of Wu Chang's incident early in the morning on the second day spread to here, the home town suddenly spreads of huge change to let he all have some to frighten into inaction with the warriors, who don't know as well to is to should continue to garrison the male pass that guards Hubei, still give up to go home here. Is a military officer Maxx Williams Authentic Jersey because he knows than the soldier, if free to the pure soldier Duo pass goes down south, the martial Chang of the geography flat untenable defensive position three towns are affirmative to protect.So finally still keep grinding teeth to issue order to continue to garrison.Originally he thought even if guarding not to live canned also defer for a while, brothers troops also affirmation would can immediately arrive, have never thought this was already the fourth night, but still could not saw to support troops, the heart bottom gradually has haze, knew oneself, this squad perhaps be thoroughly forgotten. The nobody likes drive Mike Wallace Authentic Jersey the felling for forgetting is the soldier who is particularly far to be on duty in the foreign land, this makes everyone very sad, can be proper he intends with soldier the next move goes to road, Henan come of cruise a city camp, a mark was to close Ai bottom, probably is the several years soldier's job, fight so hurriedly break out. If in the past, cruise a city camp garbage troops his root like this can't see one more eye, but at the moment his hand sergeant the soldier is little, and then lack heavy weapons, fall flop along with a colleague, Morgan Cox Authentic Jersey the relief troops preparing and thinking don't appear at all again and plus heart bottom that the abandoned anger hates and breaks out gradually, the soldier's combat desire starts quickly descending. Should continue to firmly stand by?Stone small building the unwilling white white let north the ocean had here, can vision a sweep is resisting of soldier, will see to themselves after seeing them open fire each time, the heart bottom immediately shouts bad, because this is the omen that the troops defeats and disperseds!Hurriedly raise a gun to shout a way:"The brotherses!Wu Sheng Guan is the soul of our Hubei, had no a soul, the life how could protected!Underneath however is some camps that cruise city, as long as we once guarded tonight, tomorrow morning can return to ask for help!" "The brigade is positive, Nick Boyle Authentic Jersey the brotherses are perhaps......."The pair brigade officer hurtles to stone small building nearby, nervous way:"Is unworthy!......Only is guarded by our these people don't live of, rather withdraw Wu Chang to match with big troops dead to protect Hankow." "There is no Wu Sheng Guan, take what protect?"Stone the small building is cold to looking at a pair of brigade officer, firm way:"Guard not to live Wu Sheng Guan, can not hold up against the train that the full Da son goes down south, also beat fart!" "To beat you to beat I don't beat."The pair brigade officer starts to gather more than ten soldiers, two words don't say and then prepare to leave. ?
Posted 07 Jul 2017

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