than ten death constituting together crossed

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long the long ground of canvas played take fly soon shorten, a metal storm of fearfulness now launch.When the first stands the mark Qin machine gun the full speed open fire after, Wu Sheng Guan within night view front Terrell Suggs Authentic Jersey like abrupt however be spread next millions one Shans the glowworm of one Shan, numerous Mars constituted the front line of a way beauty but terrible again and withdrew after rushing at a beginning of pure soldier. The power of the heavy machine gun was really too terrible, plusing Wu Sheng Guan was a man city railroad necessarily through of ground, railroad from pass Ai middle of the tunnel Be horizontal to wear Terrence Brooks Authentic Jersey but lead, all of both sides is ten several rices are high of the slope can not escape and occupy vantage point noodles is almost the environment of range to let the mark Qin develop the biggest destructive power. 7.92 millimeters Timmy Jernigan Authentic Jersey of bullets don't stop in the meats to shuttle and stir the flesh and blood of having one Peng Peng, connect into a slice and spread into rain.The light machine gun also multiplies by power and urgently makes track for a fierce dozen, more than ten death constituting together crossed line to wink and close all of the districts before the Ai and overaly, those just return shout loudly from think and rob and arrive cruising of first achievement the city camp infantry can try very hard to of run backward, hates oneself and borns less a rightness of wings, only the noodles finally directs campaign of the northern ocean rides a soldier and sees power far from good adjust and walk and then run. Fighting didn't keep Aaron Williams Authentic Jersey on how long, from Henan take large numbers of weapons to all through the night prepare from now on support the cruising of the remnants department of family temple Liu, Zhang Biao, city camp have already been frightenned by the machine gun to crouch down.With as for support since then of a the regiment infantries see don't see as well the Se Se in the corpse heap shiver of survivor, made a pounce upon more the pure ammunition car and artillery battlefield of distance.The machine riflemans of experience shortage just discover that the place that they all incredibly have already fired away two boxes to play under the strain, is swept is also an everywhere sore while waiting until the water tank beginning of linking the machine gun to outwardly emit steam. The stone small Adolphus Washington Authentic Jersey building is also completely foolish, in Europe the thermodynamic power like this is probably still no wonder, but the domestic at the moment, for each camp provide with three mark Qin machine gun classes have already been rated as luxury!Besides there is still a light machine gun helping!No wonder that he and luckily survive soldier's hoping everywhere flesh and blood have been completely petrochemical and connected He Xi Zou to arrive and all nearby don't discover. "This brothers, I am a right road soldier is one round and round long He Xi, receive order to come to support you, you pain!Thanked you to guard Wu Sheng Guan!"He Xi Shuo finishes and take all military Andre Reed Authentic Jersey officers and the soldier of neighborhood to garrisoned officers and men to respect a gift. The soldier's etiquette pleasantly warm warm words, let small building of stone and everyone red eyes, haven't waited to respond to come over, the center of palm inside is again stuffed into a box of very full dollar:"This is last month Zhang Biao Gou's thief deducted the everyone's pay silver, commander knew many brotherses all in hand tightly and say again bitter didn't can be bitter as well the bath of blood courageousl ?
Posted 07 Jul 2017

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