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seem also gradually soft come down, at the time of willing soon want to give up, urgent of step voice suddenly spread come over, he again fiercely the dozen has spirit and twist a head to see to just discover is in former Bronson Kaufusi Jersey days 42 mark secretary officer, Wang An Lan, . "Adult king, what affair?Is so worried?" Wang An Lan recognizes Chiu text Bin, also know that he is to grow in wisdom an agency old man at the moment, regrettable equally have no the feeling of some comrade to the person whom this kind of is kicked back, is a soldier been kicked out by the old troops to also calculates a soldier?Tone cheerless way:"The nothing important important event was a right road soldier to close to beat one at Wu Sheng C.J. Mosley Jersey small victorious battle." Win war again?!Chiu the text Bin state of mind concussion, had never thoughted family temple Liu just to spread report of success again for the past two days, hurriedly cross-examined a way:"Is an ocean with north to ascend?" "The ocean of the north?!You know north is the ocean a how strong soldier?"Just at this time a few soldiers of side also round to come over to cross-examine, Wang An Lan changed a pair face after hurtling him is a :"Is Henan to cruise a mark of city camp, He Xi Da pour is quite good, the Jian is all enemy's 400 remainings, left more than 1,000 numbers to also surrendered, pay to get quite a few thousand Jonathan Ogden Authentic Jersey rifles and big gun, there is also a train.If you wanted to once see river go to be, a little is small to win and then make deafening din of gongs and drums, Chen He's convention!" The enemy of the Jian 400, captive 1,000 many, also pay to get so many arms impedimentas!This is small to win, completely whole over is an overwhelming victory!The soldier can ignore Wang An Lan's words to have to how envy and blocked Wu Sheng Guan to explain to them Hubei temporarily safety, so also shout in succession.The Chiu text Bin is also that the full face is stagnant, hating can not immediately once fly a river to return to a familiar big camp and see there a captive a bunchy condition.Only Wang An Lan sees everyone happy that once the facial expression changes and in a hurry runs to the second floors. Ascend the second floor he Justin Forsett Authentic Jersey sees a Li dollar Hong have been already shaven hair, return Shan on the skull green temporarily forget to vex to make fun a way only:"The Li Du sheared to go to a plait and had already arrived to really be like bodhisattva." "Bodhisattva can wildly talk, I this is to shave hair again fix......Learn a monk to sit bitterness Chan."The Li dollar Hong touches light skull and asks a way:"Quiet wave might it not be is advise me again?" Wang An Lan hurriedly Justin Tucker Authentic Jersey shakes head:"The Li Dus all have been already delivered, I return to advise what, it is Yang Qiu to pour, you should advise him." "Yang Qiu?He how again?" "How?He almost Hankow lift to turn over a sky!"Wang An Lan hurriedly just sent back of the big Zhi door report of success repeats 1 time and said:"Being family temple Liu first is Wu Sheng Guan again, at the moment Kamar Aiken Authentic Jersey still consumedly the square square open Hankow the impedimenta arms that let private Shen and the mire leg son see pay to get in the camp door, the captive more jamed man sun big camp!If wait him that small Northern Expedition be over, afraid of Li Du, you will drive he.......Cover past." The Li dollar Hong is also a bit surprised, had never thoughted Yang Qiu to just take down family temple Liu resolute wented up north to live Wu Sheng Guan, also adjusted to Henan a mark whole Jianses, action of ?
Posted 07 Jul 2017

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