press the plan to take down Chongqing

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y- recruited new soldier come back, will face have no the gun is available embarrassed.The ammunition compares a little bit good many and
temporarily alleviated a material nervous problem after stating the
tree Kai Homer Bailey Authentic Jersey enlargement purchase, the yield of the sharp end bullet along with the
worker masterly start increment, craft and quality gradually also at Su
Hong living of inspect in person under got an exaltation.After in a
couple of days experimenting, started hand grenade in to make a stage
yesterday.As for the artillery didn't think, even if Germany can consign
one more, could not gather together so many artilleries as well.
Now He Xi Shou, Wu Jay Bruce Authentic Jersey Sheng Guan, , there is male pass doing to assist for holding a machine
gun, as long as the north ocean continues a work don't lift a hand to
and continue to garrison half month to have no a problem.This time that
mean to need most at pass by in a row continuously, even make people
once breathe heavily don't get up of deployment after finally contend
Make use of for this period of time well, quickly take down the
region that the north of Yangtze River occupied greater half in Hubei,
had better press the plan to take down Chongqing and Guang'an, oneself Joe Morgan Authentic Jersey had one good base, if Germany there can reply and complete bargain
earlier and shut the future of lock ability deeply one silk first light
of day!
Just......The end oneself's ability takes this group last how of a
road?This he hasn't had confidence.The northern side casts covetous eyes
on, the old fox has no how much permit person's magnanimity, Sun Wu
isn't pleased to be taken off to walk peach, there are besides also the
yellow interest to will soon come and Sung to teach the Ren these
somebodies!However......They now perhaps also at have a headache they?
Yang Qiu this just Joey Votto Authentic Jersey discovers, unconscious he has been able to just a little pry world
general situation, can he is very quick and then gives up to continue to
fantasize and let go of a curtain to picked up to conceive outline very
long of national defense army's sergeant is hurriedly class of of plan.
Hurriedly class of means that is that people beginning period a kind
of very universal rapid and large numbers of quantity develop
grass-roots military officer and technique soldier of army's sergeant,
troops' Johnny Bench Authentic Jersey extending has already certainly canned not block, the more and more big
grass-roots military officer indentation make him have to accelerate to
build up hurriedly class of.
Compare with all empty of two hands O.K. house, the advantage of
Hubei was really too many.Once developed military officers like Wu Lu
Zhen,etc, martial have schools in all very famous Hubei in the whole
countries is the best resources.Because the student in the schools
mostly took part in after the righteousness of Wu Chang Shou revolution,
teacher and military instructor in person of party's Ken Griffey Jr Authentic Jersey eyes belong to old military officer system again, all of the momentary
broke living.He immediately makes Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi draw together
greater half by everybody high pay of monthly 100 oceanses after
knowing, these people have already all arrived at the moment man the sun
be arranged at just in the lately- set up ink lake seven in the temple
halt inside the ground, now what demand decides is concentrated the
strength offend to close those categories.
Conductor, artillery, survey and map, engineering soldier and
battlefield medical treatment is need currently urgently most , heavy
the machine gun want to open a class to also can not find military
instructor, as for hu ?
Posted 08 Jul 2017

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