medium completely was passive to suffer beating

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d of two stand the mark Qin Michael Bourn Authentic Jersey machine gun most crary, inclined shoot to cross the tongue of fire of
spraying will be just beating toward the pure soldier whom here hurtle
flee ignominiously, playing of Chi Chi rain is never stop for a moment.
After waiting until small building of stone to quickly withdraw
cartridge to re- ascend Tang, large numbers of Henan cruise a city camp
the soldier have already been beaten by the machine gun in, can the
heart is thin of he but discover, truely be beaten a medium northern
ocean soldier few, because their the great majority all with just that
guy after being similar, arriving the distance Michael Brantley Authentic Jersey start lying to pour to crawl to push gun headway, want to beat on 300
meters distance medium crawl of the soldier undoubtedly is a Chi person
to say dream.
"Pack to play......!"
The light machine rifleman of flank suddenly and violently drinks
one to remind war ally and waited he to make change a new 30 hairses
after playing the box to also spread a few irritating to the ear Mike Napoli Authentic Jersey whistles in front, in the whistle those northern ocean soldiers who
crawl the fierce tiger sort is abrupt however start to jump, then
quickly run oblique line to close Ai to hurtle.
"Carefully........"Light machine rifleman just took aim at a
northern ocean soldier, in front short ascent bushes inside spewed out
together long long ground tongue of fire, north ocean this time and
equally threw in two stand mark Qin heavy machine gun, with the right
road military airplane of the immature person the rifleman was
personally different, trained by German military instructor of Ricky Vaughn Authentic Jersey northern ocean machine the rifleman was more familiar with, ability
full the exploitation weigh the thermodynamic power of machine gun and
catch indentation that need to be torn off.
The bullet of chirps wiped the head of the class of light machine
gun to fly in the past, more then beat at bunker up suddenly and
violently the point of departure ordered smoke and dust, light machine
gun and weighed the margin of machine gun to completely present, this
kind of face to face take the offensive medium completely was passive to
suffer beating.Back up of two mark Qin classes see Satchel Paige Authentic Jersey power also throw in to come in under the far from good strain, fully
four stand mark Qin immediately north the ocean machine gun brigade kept
on inhibitting, wheat virtuous Sen the light machine gun finally can
spare a hand to come to full speed to inhibit north ocean infantry.
Inside mountain Ao in the distance, Wang Zhan Yuan sees through a
telescope empress two mark Qin machine gun battlefields that he or she
conceal opponent to that beat come out, two Pie beards the bottom also
hang up to have a to put on satisfied, just very careful will purchase
from Germany of Cai take charge of 800% telescope to hand over to Ma
Li Chun Chou eye this value isn't thin, because several years ago
east country even eight Langses was directed by it shocked world of to
naval battle horse but enjoy German for use by the military telescope
that the ranking officer welcomes, say with smile:"Or son spring the
elder brother is severe, a brigade in addition Yi soldier is two camps,
sound out the enemy's truth or falsity, Trevor Bauer Authentic Jersey now afraid of Zhi bead's in control already?"
Wang Zhan Yuan is more purely big than Lee about ten years old, can
the 2 people friendship is still quite good, hear him saying that his
own the Zhi bead's in control hurriedly puts a hand:"Use 2 stand a match
electricity the gun cross inclined shoot, leave 2 pretty make to
prepare, the light machine quick c ?
Posted 09 Jul 2017

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