regiments to keep belonging to guard connect

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ging well, the Li dollar Hong seem and resumed to be to help all of power, don't wait public come a suddenly and violently drink to reply,
Zhan Da Dun Bei already the hurtling of very urgent fire Liao come Greg Olsen Authentic Jersey in:"Not like, the navy of full Da son arrived sun Luo!"
Li dollar the shoulder of the Hong suddenly one Kua, just- risen Hao
feeling life ambition as if be sprinkled basin ice water.
Chapter 75 is strong line of to pay Xie
Big Hong mountain south Lu, a group of brigadeses soldier along the
Qian river quickly rushes to go to the north, the large mark Qin machine
gun is used to fight Ma Tuo to take, the light machine gun J.J. Jansen Authentic Jersey is carried on the shoulder at shoulder up, was full of laughter all all
the way.
From man sun north into start on journey only two camps, have
already enlarged to five camps for short several days, because block 41
mark two camps, the man doesn't lack good hand as well in the Chuan
volunteer army, so three near half in camps all train many of E soldier
old soldier, no wonder that everyone face up all enjoy to bloom.Left
after the man's Chuan troops to still carry on to James Bradberry Authentic Jersey divide a soldier, the Hang ambition takes three camps went toward Yue
stated, the beard is old three take an independent camp to go straight
to proper Chang and Ba Dong.The empress of the this place weaves three
camps and 2 regiments to keep belonging to guard connect then continue
to keep shot Xiang sun to the north, everyone hopes to hide in the Xiang
sun now, it is said that that Liu Yun Yu who has already started to
come together five camps fights to excel a point.
"Regiment see quickly......."
The Yue Peng is Jonathan Stewart Authentic Jersey deploying to make use of to march the task that the opportunity carries
on a drill to a few battalion commanders, raise head and then see one
squad in the distance ride a soldier to fly soon Chi, ride a soldier to
after arriving the in front immediately salute:"The commander urgently
In addition to in addition to this kind of a little bigger town proper
Chang and Xiang sun, the whole Hubei all lacks telephone and telegram,
so Yang Qiu sought Lao boon to order 12 sets of wirelesses and hand to Kawann Short Authentic Jersey shake generator especially afterwards, but far water solves not near
thirst, so currently everyplace and man sun's contacting have to be
delivered by quick horse and see two herald soldier's complexions
anxious, the Yue Peng hurriedly asks a way:" What matter?"
"Yesterday north ocean to Wu Sheng closed carry on sound out, the
commander judges them probably will in the near future launch strong
offend, request that you have to speed up to take down Xiang sun, as
early as possible follow at ? water river big Hong mountain one side
establishment defense line!"Issue on order soldier to take out a letter
to continue to say from the chest Dou:"This is the commander to give the
letter of regiment, he still says that the navy vanguard of Sa control
has already arrived sun Luo, Wu Chang there has already sent two to help
a person now horse Kelvin Benjamin Authentic Jersey difference toward Wu Sheng close and filial piety but go."
BE already keep belonging to Ke Shao who connect second lieutenant's
company commander not understand why their facial expression is
serious, ask a way:"Is not this a good matter?What chief there the
number of only three camps, having already livinged a dint soldier can
also guard several more day."
"Have no so in brief."The Yue Peng right on the spot spreads map
after readinging the letter and knits the brows a way:"Under the Li Du
of is change to defend to make!Want Wu Zhao Lin to repl ?
Posted 09 Jul 2017

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