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a while betwixt for 9 millimeters of suitable people use, so Yang Qiu nearby of guard connecting the soldier being a pair of guns willing, one
person a chasing horizontal.
Drive thunder the fierce gun Trai Turner Authentic Jersey muzzle crest live forehead, Zhang Zhen Wu didn't dare to talk as well
and resided is seeing a form hurriedly and hurriedly shout a way:"Stop,
all away with it!Chen China, did you say that this exactly are what is
the row?Is Liu Ying's brothers it you that issues order something to
Yang Qiu has never Tre Boston Authentic Jersey waved hand to make the guard connect to withdraw a gun, anyway is
already so, he doesn't want to allow people to have opportunity to beat a
black gun and twist head to say towards residing just:"Reside a
positive Sir, Yang Mou is answering your question first also the first
essentials asks you, future republic should the warlord stand up like a
forest, still should the military administration is unified?"
"The nature is a military administration to unify."Tan Ren Feng
replaces an answer on the side.
"Since is a military Trenton Robinson Authentic Jersey administration unified, so I issue order the north enters and accept a
plait everyplace volunteer army He Cuo Zhe De it have?Although I don't
know as well why will appear mistake wound, front day the Li Du have
already notified a whole country after taking office, the our army
around cent is all two roads, didn't appoint pairs as well post!Liu Ying
not the military government order and still keep doing one's own way,
continuously with pair all the of Du switch on electricity a whole
country and bind to carry not clear armed forces and people Be listenned
to to him!I pour and ask, this is that he does without Vernon Butler Authentic Jersey authorization, still......."Yang Qiu's vision is cold cold on sweeping,
see arrive Sun Wu for doorway already, Nu way:"Someone's trying in
Hubei to make should outside match in abruption, intention and pure
This big hat presses of reside just some disaffection, but see Yang
Qiu to also seem to be really not to know this matter, the in the mind
doesn't know why or loosenned tone, if not that issuing orders homicide
in person, so this matter still has the leeway to return.Not is to say
that he doesn't know Liu Ying's importance, but with difficulty
facilitates three towns it's substantially Wes Horton Authentic Jersey unified, in case of because this matter force Yang Qiu to another road,
probably tomorrow north the ocean battalion can kill Wu Chang family!
Can Liu Ying's brothers also really die because of Yang Qiu, inside
the processing not good words party again split up also probably, how
should do?Thought of here, his vision immediately twists to Li dollar
Hong.The latter even doesn't want to take care of this matter, he the
right is unsteady, need a party at this time the person and Yang Qiu
forbear each other and only have just can sit like this steady all Du
seat, wait big power to come to hand once the one more cut off, so don't
hope as well two parties immediately conflict, each not simply beat 50
greatest planks?
See reside Adrian Amos Authentic Jersey positive and Li dollar the Hong keep silent at the same time, Sun Wu
An's way comes out not and very immediately to say:"Li Du!Sir!This
matter no trivial matter, the whole countries all is seeing our Wu
Chang, visit Hubei at present!If doing not severely punish is this
person, so in the future who still chase our party person be return to
matter?Say to kill to will kill?!"
All say Sun Wu's tactful in three forces, Zhang Zhen Wu is reckless,
Jiang Yi Wu faithfulness, at the moment this time words return be
really vehemence again Duo come back, have al ?
Posted 10 Jul 2017

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