explosive to also compare a man sun

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emple protects when the government can't chase, either how is he.As for the big Manchu Dynasty says again and also have no so many skills from.
"Pack shell!"
In the sharp copper whistle, two Babe Herman Authentic Jersey northern ocean cannon camp fully 36 gram Lu Bo Qi living five big guns
to pack to play at the same time and wait ten catties of heavy filled to
pack Japan the shell of Lai explosive be appointed a dozen of Wang Zhan
Yuan of forward and Lee to purely and mutually see a to smile after
being stuffed into cannon Tang.
"Three hairs check!The Brandon Beachy Authentic Jersey positive city Duo hurriedly shoots."Accurately password showed the
character of the north ocean artillery, the words sound just failed in
examinations row cannon to tee off.
Seven living five this calibers can calculate light cannon in
European, can in the domestic but is already to actually beat solid
heavy artillery, in addition to the river defends and packs some public Brandon McCarthy Authentic Jersey appearance in Forbidden City of 15 living wild cannon, this caliber has
been able to look down upon a group of Luns.
One round and round cannon Yan inflation but open, the tidy uniform
row cannon appearance hasn't disappeared from retina, explosion voice
already Wu Sheng Guan everywhere ring to get up, the geezer yellow
nitric smoke gets empty but rises from three pass Tengs at the same
The north ocean Brett Anderson Authentic Jersey 3rd mixs into concord the 11th mix help two cannon camps that are
completely come out by German military instructor training, back this
kind of tube, the field artillery develops thoroughly, after waiting
until three hair schools to shoot to end inching adjustment, artillery
with every minute six deliver of the speed outside project shell to
3,000 meters, the shell falls to order to control also very accurate,
even a few foreign observers all repeatedly praise.
The day produces Carl Crawford Authentic Jersey to fill the shell of packing the next Lai explosive to also compare a
man sun to build together caliber black explosive shell power big a lot
of, the explosion will appear an as different as chalk and cheese yellow
and poisonous smoke, can give the artillery provide to sit a mark very
clearly, and the flame can't soon puts out, either.
In a short instant, Wu Sheng closes empty"thunder without rain"
billowing!Each hair shell will start to take numerous broken tileses and
close Ai top for short several minutes already drive poisonous of
yellow flame nitric smoke overlay, the city wall of big piece big piece
is broken through by the shell, crushed stones and corpse keep rolling
to fall an edge and roar and shout but lead of play Chase Utley Authentic Jersey a slice will touch to cannot compare with to defend of the soldier lift
to fly, explosion of bellow a voice to drown to close the cry of the
military officers inside the Ai, connect sharp of copper Shao all
mutually the form see Chu, let the national defense soldier officers and
mens the first time understand what is a real northern ocean soldier!
On the afternoon of November 22, the turbulence of long sand hasn't
quelled, southern China still doesn't know where of variety, Wu Sheng
closes to battle out war also formally beat ring!However, but Yang Qiu
is very clear, drive he bump next waist empress of war in fact just just
drew back a curtain
Chapter 79 blood fire Wu Sheng Guan(is medium)
After train arrives a filial piety, Yang Qiu saw receive order to
garrison this place He Xi Fan.
He not only is totally enter meeting member, also is the old
military officer in the new Hubei soldier, at the beginning serve as s ?
Posted 11 Jul 2017

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