ride a soldier to quickly go down south

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?blishes three camps.As the troops that reorganized at the earliest stage, he and four marks on the Wu Zhao Lin's hand not only all had the
party the person to do framework, big part also is all E soldier old
soldier, the Mike Ditka Authentic Jersey fighting strength still can promise.And see from the map, his
deployment all takes man railroad line in city as stalk and obviously
worked well north the ocean break to close future reunion follow
railroad line fast- going down south preparation, is BE quite good
military officer.
"Filial piety Chang Mike Singletary Authentic Jersey the left wing hand over to us."Yang Qiu finishes listenning to the
instant issuing order a way:"The bamboo livings(Tai word), one camp and
cannon three before the camps flower west, the protection filial piety
Chang left wing safety, two camps and cannon one camp continue the Gang
is toward the maple Zi of left garrison cloud dream northeast, each one
right away opens to dig dugout after arriving and deploy an abatis to
prevent°fro north the ocean ride a soldier to quickly go down south!"
After Tai turns round to Pat Odonnell Authentic Jersey issue order, Yang Qiu immediately twists a head to say:"Little Yue
elder brother, I know that you are all thinking that I am to don't come
to seize the power, I want to tell everyone, couldn't win this battle at
beating, again big of the right is all month in well!So I don't want to
lift these, you would like to listen to my transfer listen to, don't
want to listen to of words all right, as long as fight well can."
He Xi Fan has never thought Yang Qiu so directly, plus to know
predominant power somebody else's affirmation can't put, as long as does
he really fight, and then why the need for struggle for power and money
now?So say very simply:"You are a commander, we all listen to naturally
"That good."Yang Pernell Mcphee Authentic Jersey Qiu Yi sweeps a behind there are some a few incorrect party person's
military officers in the air and say:"Know you the machine gun is here
shortage, so I will leave a machine gun connect, take three stand mark
Qin and four pretty light machines the quick cannon matches with you
abidance by right wing, as for big gun brothers really take out could
not adjust."
Can leave three pretty heavy machine guns and four pretty light
machine guns to help, He Xi Fan has been very happy, but all of machine
guns are the big doors that eats bullet, his each soldier just gets hold
of two lines of bullets, can keep a machine gun there, anxious way:"The
little Yue thanks commander doesn't dislike to help each other before
accounting, just can leave some bullets again, we can keep not to rise
"Bullet?"Yang Qiu Yi Richard Dent Authentic Jersey knits the brows and swept an eye to play to take very flat soldier on
all sides, surprised way:"Chu's hoping a set isn't to have enough
storage?And I have already promised Li Du, the arms and supplies factory
will provide 10,000 hair bullets to you every day, ."
"Not just Zhang Jing Zi You Xi Liang!"
Four marks mark all Xie Yuan Kai to see Yang Qiu after death of the
guards all play to take the drum drum and put small bomb of four wood
handles in waist, also allotted a short gun and envied immediately to
say:"I front the day return to family temple Liu to beg for to want
bullet to him, he insists to store shortage to misuse, gave the two rows
a person ten hairs, and still said that new Rob Housler Authentic Jersey soldiers give more bullet to result in wasted." "Does that why not seek Sun Wu?He is a soldier to work minister, the logistics all returns his tube."
"Go to, but."Xie Yuan Kai hoped eye He Xi Fan, aggrieved shut last mouth.He is a literature agency member, bec
Posted 11 Jul 2017

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