break me and fear three in case of the pass

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ascend the words of train at the latest tomorrow morning can arrive to, believe tonight He Xi and Wu Zhao Lin still can guard." " Take a brigade?"He Xi Fan Walter Payton Authentic Jersey hurriedly puts a hand:"Commander must can not the gist, fear three
temperaments, I am knowing, if not that being urgent in no case will ask
for help, so at the moment north ocean settle however is already a
battalion together, a brigade goes to perhaps."
"Being not a brigade is three camps."Yang Qiu didn't notice He Xi
Fan and changed form of address, finger to the left side a sweep:"The
bamboo livings, you immediately send a person Anne six, Ke Shao after Will Sutton Authentic Jersey accepting weave city mountain should has already arrived there and
immediately make them go up north half-way to remit with me to match
after finding out.Send again person notifies Yue Peng to the Xiang sun,
after taking down Xiang sun instant to with state enter hair, ensure
north the ocean can not walk the big Hong mountain makes a detour man
All presently are William Perry Authentic Jersey military officers, see Yang Qiu is on the map on flicking left wing to
appear two troopses, moment understand why he wanted strong line of Liu
Shi's brothers that accepts to weave city mountain, were it not for the
mountain accepting a plait this time, how probably advancing big Hong in
the left wing start to gather two troopses that can transfer!So
everyone makes him resign with this matter to Sun Wu many is
Yang Qiu doesn't Willie Young Authentic Jersey know his this time transfer incredibly leads to come to the association
of thought that He Xi Fan waits a person, the Yang at first sweeps to
see one eye public:"I this can guard how long to doing not know as well
and break me and fear three in case of the pass the first essentials
necessarily avoid its sharp point adjustment, so will depend you hold up
north pounding at of ocean!Hope the everybody must remembers, slicing
can not let north the ocean hurtle, all anyway have to guard filial
piety Chang to hold up the first!"
"The commander Zach Miller Authentic Jersey trusts, little Yue even if is dead, also definitely hold up this!"No
matter He Xi Fan's assurance calculates not to count, Yang Qiu also have
no second choice, immediately receive a guard connect afresh ascend
train prepare to set out, canned just want to get on the car and then be
admired hole to hold up road.
Yang Qiu now but German navy's hope, admires to axe how can let he
go to risky!But Yang Qiu goes to small step not to let:"Admire to axe
colonel, I am a soldier, soldier should ahead line and not is be like a
woman so be protected, if you feel you even a military officers can not
protect, so I want to trade to also have no this time Be getting more
Admiring a hole really and hating not can be strong line of to take
warship then sign Ma Hui Europe this guy and see his complexion not
kind, Yang Qiu Zhi can soft way:"I can't that takes own life to play
trick and can't goes to a fearlessness adventure, either."
Hear he say so, admired hole to also have to let go to accompany him
to ascend together train, this act doesn't understand He Xi Fan of
German to wait person to be getting more careless, how also A.J. Green Authentic Jersey surprisingly Yang Qiu incredibly returns to transfer foreigner.
The cope of night was very quick and then declined downed, the train
closed to run fast toward Wu Sheng at the same time, closing Ai the top
is to kill an earthquake for sky.The still impressive-looking pass Ai
has been decrepit and unbearable in the daytime, a group of brigades
north ocean the soldier cover in the machine gun and the big gun under
continuous ?
Posted 11 Jul 2017

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