last northern ocean soldier disappears

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nnon above, the machine rifleman grasps to begin a handle to start revolving, two vice- machine riflemans are then responsible for
operating angle and pack to play a hand and lose to play then a hand Be
continuously to replace to play box.
And operate more Brandon Lafell Authentic Jersey simple mark Qin to compare, this kind of machine gun although the
thermodynamic power isn't weak,the thermodynamic power shoots angle to
want completely depend machine gun the nicety match of the soldier of
the class.Because the left road soldier lacks a machine gun, for
strengthening thermodynamic power just have to make this kind of master
goods hoping the set from Chu drive Brandon Tate Authentic Jersey move came out to equip troops, an end still a Li dollar Hong specially
please come to severals to back an old soldier of service just force
church soldier to use.
Although the grillage quick cannon is more very bad than mark Qin, 2
ten take care of quick cannon every minute still can tee off 100
several bullets, 12.7 millimeters of bullets again power biggest, as
long as beat medium be is certain to die, so temporary made up a heavy
machine gun class of empty block, see Wu Sheng to close thermodynamic
power still thus fierce, beating a few hours of Brandon Thompson Authentic Jersey northern ocean has to blare a gold to withdraw troops, either.
Because the last northern ocean soldier disappears at darkly in,
closely of the shell fall down again, stone the small building wry smile
is a , the northern oceans for going crazy return be really don't stay
the slightest broken-winded opportunity for person.
The Ao war in Carlos Dunlap Authentic Jersey the first day until just finally stop down at the midnight, when the
officers and mens crumple aching shoulder to start just discover, Wu
Sheng closes already and almost could not sees in former days of shape,
blood and corpse lie full close the whole hillside before the Ai.
This just only a day, promise toward the commander of also still
have seven days for 20 days!How to really guard live?
The speed per Cedric Ogbuehi Authentic Jersey hour doesn't arrive 20 kilometers of steam trains and spend for six
hours finally Yang Qiu send to Wu Sheng Guan's foot, just just got off
to rush toward noodles since then of the war breathing let person's
strains, such as Ke Shao and remaining virtuous sea...etc. that remitted
to match on the road get up.
Several hundred wounded soldiers that closed to withdraw down first
from Wu Sheng swarmed about here, several empties cured to protect a
soldier Be tying up for them and preparing to return to man sun, the man
son hiring took to cease fire cleft to move the corpse of the warriors
also here, a piece shut worthy of a look of young face, one had
deep-fried broke arms and legs, roasted the Cedric Peerman Authentic Jersey body of burning the burned black, let to rushed through from the city
mountain of three soldiers of camps all bite tight maxillary joint.
On the load, a thigh is played a slice of the soldier who tears off and
continuously cries piteously, the voice makes everyone be getting more
nervous, flank of curing and protecting the new soldier was probably
been frightened to death by the blood, acted slow-moving clumsy, see
after the form Yang Qiu immediately walked to come over and took to
morphine and stop bleeding a medicine to quickly pare off to stick to a
thing in wound neighborhood, live blood and hold knife and sew up wound
in person again behind, he is familiar with of the processing skill let
severals cure and protect soldiers and stare at with awe all, short
several minutes, the wound is re- ?
Posted 11 Jul 2017

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