probably run about aimlessly after being

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me to join." A few short words, brought into an excellent and young military
officer right road soldier system, let Wu Zhao Lin also admire his
means.After beating to come to grips to shout with everyone Yang Qiu
immediately Hyun-Jin Ryu Authentic Jersey drilled to go into an in command of department, because of inside too
narrow and small, so is simply to withdraw table to seat on the floor.
"Small building, you give me the introduction for a while."Yang Qiu
Yi opens mouthes and then has a roll call stone small building and
obviously is considering his ability.
The stone small building very neat beginning introduces yesterday's
combat circumstance:"The artillery duel has shoulded throw in two cannon
camps since afternoon, according to the investigating of ex- scout Jackie Robinson Authentic Jersey and shell intensive degree calculation.Bombard half of two-hour period
empress they launched infantry to take the offensive, devotion about two
mark difference to three pass take the offensive at the same time, the
chief and Wu Xie before guesses generally north the ocean may bombard Wu
Sheng to close to support and cover infantry to take down two sides
nine in close a peaceful Jing pass again go to attack from both Joc Pederson Authentic Jersey flanks, so respectively in two sides deploy two camps and a stand the
mark Qin machine gun, just have never let north ocean successful.
Have never taken down two sides they threw all thermodynamic powers
to us, the lord starts after offending from finished eating supper and
started out six machine gun match of standings, until last night son
just withdraw.Is a little bit pure to statistics to know behind this
morning, totally killing north the ocean is soldier's 600 remainings, we
die more than 700 persons and Justin Turner Authentic Jersey harm 300, all of greater halfs BE"stone the small building made
reference to see eye Wu Zhao Lin here and continued to say:"We with the
new soldier of Wu Xie all that direction, they experience shortage,
probably run about aimlessly after being frightenned by the shell."
"The arms loses a little bit seriously, 8 mountain cannon inside
remains 3 to use, heavy machine gun drive deep-fried bad two stand, can
ensure first just now here with nine in close each a stand, even Kenley Jansen Authentic Jersey Jing's closing is been responsible for by the light machine gun.The
machine rifleman isn't enough well-trained, the bullet consumes a little
bit greatly."Stone the small building way of thinking is clear, a few
short words delineated mostly of battle process, show Yang Qiu Gao one
eye, ask a way:"Do you feel what the problem that is the biggest now
"As long as the city pass doesn't break, the railroad of behind can
send the army supplies and the bullet, so the depletion greatly isn't a
problem either, the biggest threat is the north ocean artillery Kirk Gibson Authentic Jersey now!Wu Sheng Guan is a mountainous country, the pass city hinterland
power is narrow is also unsuitable for artillery of ambulation, and we
use of shell and the north ocean margin are too big."Stone small
building's holding 1 has never exploded be torn down Japanese shell of
detonator to put at in the center:"I once saw this kind of shell while
studying abroad in Japan and produced from arsenal works in Nagoya and
packed to fill a kind of new explosive, the power compared a man the sun
build a lot of big, the shell forces open future reunion to send forth
poisonous Huang Yan, the flame is very not easy to put out, died
yesterday of there are half the number in the brothers be all burned
"BE next Lai explosive."Yang Qiu tooks a look shell and says after
letting go of:"I have already let man the sun produce a kind ?
Posted 12 Jul 2017

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