knives have been extremely seldom seen

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Mao MaoThree hairs order to shoot although isn't quick, but became the enemy's evil-foreboding dream, continuously have urgently blunt soldier
be shot to fall on the ground.
The light machine gun Adeiny Hechavarria Authentic Jersey intertexture that suddenly opens fire the 1 F play an act, very quickly
more than tens hurtle to mow down at the most anterior northern ocean
soldier, and more enemy's soldiers see have a light machine gun to
stabilize formation and frighten again to climb down.
At this time a northern ocean military officer that takes red crest
son at cover with to dance in the wind of suddenly start to keep a waist
in the bullet, although can not hear clearly him at shout what, Andre Dawson Authentic Jersey he pulled out the shape that the knife brandishes to immediately arise
the north ocean infantry of ferocious strength head, more than 100s
northern ocean soldier's neigh shouts to hurtle to the battlefield,
connect just stayed back of machine gun the brigade also re- seek good
bunker match the infantries assault.
The power Christian Yelich Authentic Jersey that weighs a machine gun broke out gradually and floated in the sky
the dust that the dugout of the Hao text treasure in front beat, the
broken bits hanged in a way small dust pillar of his cheeks living
painful, although he and another two connect machine rifleman try very
hard to inhibit, played box to beat one and other, light machine gun
inborn the shortage still can not thoroughly hold up fierce blunt
enemy's soldier and wait until heavy machine gun cease fire empress this
northern ocean soldier have already hurtled to inside 50 meters.
"Fix bayonet!"
Three camps Dee Gordon Authentic Jersey are the old troopses of one regiment, although compare with is at the
earliest stage reorganized by 42 marks and security corps of four camps
still differ some, faced an enemy this kind of method also drive arise
fury, two repeatedly long is just 20 successful in career young mans,
seeing northern ocean soldier's forward has been already arrived, simply
the first pulling out officer's sword jump a dugout to start anti-
More than 100 two connect the soldier,such as fierce tiger, jumped a
bunker to start anti- assault bayonet fighting, Yang Qiu in the bunker
still keeps seeing this kind of method for the first time, Dustin McGowan Authentic Jersey cross swords in his ages knives have been extremely seldom seen, sees
the food for powder jumping a dugout of tee off one hair bullet first at
the same time, then stand bayonet to abruptly hurtle up.
Part is want to take down battlefield that taking the offensive the
northern ocean of the pass of city from the on the side is crack, part
is bite the tight maxillary joint wants to die to protect of two connect
officers and men, like two Hong Fengs that meet head on to collide with
each other, moment burst out the strongest sense of visions impact.The
bayonet is very clear, the butt end is horizontal to fly, the blood of
big big's following is stabbed a medium place to spray to flow out but,
even can see the bowel belly that comes out from the wound midstream,
the Giancarlo Stanton Authentic Jersey food for powders all kill red eyes, in the brain leaves you to die me
to live four words.
In «the machine gun military tactics manual » is forbid the machine
rifleman participation hand to hand fight, but also Luo's row run into
this circumstance behind of way, so Hao text treasure immediately
receive two connect the machine rifleman jump together a dugout jumps up
to draw back to two sides, then uses inclined shoot for the infantries
hold up behind keep up with of northern ocean soldier.
Two front lines north the ocean infantry incise to open, the northern
ocean soldi ?
Posted 12 Jul 2017

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