material three camps and guard connect

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et, make today for the very first time carry out defense and aggression commutation as usual dead and injured ratio. Ended Ao the post-war soldier Andy Lee Authentic Jersey have no time to take a rest for a day, they need to finish cleaning up
battlefield by tomorrow morning, as for the man son tidied up to close
city and carrying corpse, replenishments to all hand over to
hire.According to Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi's statistics, currently light
the right road soldier is enlisting everywhere of man son total amount
exceed 20,000 people, the size boats and ships is more than 100s,
exactly their effort just can let the logistics revolve.
The soldier has his/her own Barkevious Mingo Authentic Jersey the way for adjusting a pressure, for example the north ocean throw
down come of declare hair Se 88 committee M1888 head quarterses welcome a
burst of smile to make and coax to rob, also have small military
officerses of body up of wear knife also really popular, the thunder
greatly rolls knife meat to have in hand a , don't know as well he who
hand up rob come of, asked for to come to numerous jealous of visions.
Yang Qiu can't disturb Bernie Kosar Authentic Jersey this kind of to relax, in fact he also takes pleasure in see this kind
of appearance, not only can let the life that he thinks of future
generations in the troops, also can pass this way to change and
influence imperceptibly to influence Wu Zhao Lin there, if can be on the
hoof to leave, these old soldier can become priceless treasure, so
arrive at after immediately issue order on the army supplies a to see
colleague to open a supply.
The stone small building Brian Hartline Authentic Jersey sits on the big stone to with meticulous care wipe a gun, this is the
hair Se that Yang Qiu brings 98, Yang Qiu walked over to ask a way:"How
is this gun?"
"Good gun!Compare north the hair Se of the ocean 88 with man the sun
build well, accuracy Gao, the power is big, be."After saluting, the
stone small building crumpled to crumple shoulder:"The delay effect is a
lot too big, not too suit us."He says right, hair Se 98 to Chinese
soldier the recoil is really a lot too big, so Yang Qiu get hold of
these guns behind temporarily material three camps and guard connect.
"Beat how many days have Cameron Erving Authentic Jersey what feeling Wu?"Yang Qiu nearby sat down at him, stone the small
building Be packing a gun and saying:"The artillery didn't get a ratio,
the infantry was very strong but didn't also to grind teeth to take
don't come down of degree.The military officer margin is more big, the
grass-roots military officer is fierce, a lot of time clearly beat of
lift not and at first, all is that they get up the aggression to the
troops organization."
"Still have?"
"Still have?"
See he shake to shake head, Yang Qiu immediately picks up a tree
branch from the ground and writes to paint a way:"For three days, they
launched seven strong offend, from for the first time beginning very Carl Nassib Authentic Jersey standard.Arrive 500 meters first to spread out a brigade form, then 400
meters spread out again once, 300 meters immediately lie to pour to
crawl or seek bunker behind, etc. get into 150 meters or so start return
shot, then the opportunity to seek assaults.All of the heavy machine
gun presses in the front side, the infantry all wanted to come to a stop
while assaulting so as not to mistake wound.Look exactly alike, seven
times all exactly alike!What do you know this elucidation?"
Stone the small building have never thought Yang Qiu to observe thus
and cautiously and want a way:"Explain they train assiduous, match with
to be familiar with, compare with none of Japanese army to show off to
let more, and."
Posted 12 Jul 2017

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