calm down down with terrible battlefield

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ses, light this he would not like to pass these young mans.Can he also has no to immediately promise and keeps tone kind to slowly say as far
as possible:"The war is very ruthlessness, not you imagine so.See you Tyler Thornburg Authentic Jersey on all sides.Garrison at this time the warrior that grow most for quick
three months, also have two days most shortly.We cruise a city camp to
beat with Henan, and north the ocean beat, the head tops will fall in
shell every day, each each time engrave to all have the war ally the
colleague to depart from this life, see these piece of stones, blood
stain, probably there Will Middlebrooks Authentic Jersey is still remnants limb under the rock to break arm!Did you make sure
their yous to work well to prepare?We aren't old troops, but a pay
young, strict and assiduous, the one day there will wants to start to
prop up the whole national defense soldier of nation!"
The slow-moving Wily Peralta Authentic Jersey language soon starts still gradually letting these young mans calm down
down with terrible battlefield scene on all sides, can arrive behind
but a while again transfered emotion to get up, statures Gao Gao, the
cheeks is emaciated, but forehead very beautiful and slender Wang Zhuo's
initiative stood out:"The student who is six teacher schoolses in the
Nanking, we worked well to prepare."
"Text Bin.You say for them a time of we the soldier rules of
national defense soldier, then take a class protects them front the
battlefield see."Yang Qiu finishes saying, a sweep them to say:"I will
arrange Bert Blyleven Authentic Jersey you tonight and the old soldier live together, they will tell you the
soldier rules, war and death in detail!Wait a tomorrow morning you are
telling my own choice, if would like to also leave at that time, so!You
are a members that the our countries defend a soldier."
Yang Qiu turned round to walk into conductor to make, an act of the
corner of mouth smiling face let what Xi and stone the small building
catch, 2 people to these eager to have a try young man also very eye Brian Dozier Authentic Jersey Chan, the former is also after starting calculating to wait these small
guys to walk a front line, don't dig severals to come over to enrich
the next regiment.
Only the heart bottom of Wu Zhao Lin sighed tone and held a left
road soldier to issue of it is said that is the beef can that buys in
foreigner hand from Shanghai, hope these be adjusted by a few words to
move of future the army officers, the in the mind delivers a bitterness
to always feel to isn't a taste.Get along with to let for two days him
also just a little understand some autumns, work very simply, to the
soldier and the military officer also very good, military just can
exceed himself/herself more, and he talks to usually take a magic power
that makes people imperceptibly get stick in.
Regrettable BE, he Byron Buxton Authentic Jersey and Yang Qiu's still horizontal Gen wear an in former days of boon
teacher!So after seeing one beef can in the eye hand, silently have no
sighing of an interest tone
Wear for a sky, the interview of enemy is start in the cry and the
explosion, and after a night, getting along with of old soldierses' all
of the young mans of 133 Nankings six teacher schoolses stayed down,
although they are all future army officers,now is completely still a
novice.Yang Qiu directly went into their plait each row to accept blood
fire to baptize, so very ruthlessness will someone sacrifice, but is the
only way that can make them quickly grow up.
The artillery remains sharp, besides which, , the northern ocean
infantry takes the offensive of aggressio ?
Posted 13 Jul 2017

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