noodles still concern one the problem for helping

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wn the affair that is compelled a resignation, the spirit shouts of words to lead to come to agreeing with of a lot of young military
officerses.Yang Qiu but imitate a Buddha have never heard to blame and
quarrel, see to the Yue Peng ask a way:"What about you?"
"Five full plait Tramon Williams Authentic Jersey camps, the man sun still sends of four new barracks supports, Be just
He Xi understands the meaning of Yue Peng and says:"Anyway of
soldier although it is said can use, but be about time to grind teeth
perhaps still rather new soldier, according to me see rather from we
here take out to adjust the old soldier takes them, after all we all and
north the ocean beat so long, everyone's in the mind also all has a
Yang Qiu's point Travis Coons Authentic Jersey nods, but here noodles still concern one the problem for helping, so
immediately see to Wu Zhao Lin, the latter having already done to choose
immediately says:"The commander stops worrying and fear not in any
jurisdiction how say to is all person in Hubei!In no case want to see
here people live in wretched conditions!"Once he finish saying and leave
of a help military officer to almost and all mean to accept afresh set
plait, as long as can win this battles would like to join.
"The everybody brothers can see Yang Qiu, so I do to come to a
decision at a time boldly."Yang Qiu deeply absorbs tone and abandonned
all complicated point at map to say:"Exchange blows to let for several
days Xavier Cooper Authentic Jersey north the ocean have already thoroughly touched pure our defense in
three passes, now we heavy machine gun leave a stand, light machine gun
also have no quite a few stand, if north ocean again launch the
aggression that helps Class to affirm a fall at a time, so I decide to
temporarily give here up and withdraw to the big Hong mountain."
Everyone has never thought Yang Qiu to incredibly want to withdraw,
the many people still has some disaffection, but the next words make
them slowly re- gather together vision.Wear for a sky, the enemy is Brian Dawkins Authentic Jersey also each action that records Yang Qiu crazily, each words, listen to
him continuing to say:"I know that everyone's in the mind is very
dissatisfied, I am also dissatisfied!Your comrades die at here, my
soldier equally dies at here!Can if till the last still can not protect,
the white white sacrificed life how do you still revenge for
them?Return how to overthrow full Da son?Return how to become a real
national defense soldier to protect this nation?"
"Is on the hoof, Allen Barbre Authentic Jersey need to compare sacrifice to own larger courage!"Yang Qiu's finger a
little force after winning the pass raised voice:"The Yue Peng has
already had nine camps in the big Hong mountain, the filial piety also
has two many brotherses of helpings, the railroad is deep-fried now,
even if break a pass north the ocean can't continuously go down south as
well in the short run, our tasks in fact have been already completed,
leave Andrew Gardner Authentic Jersey of be don't stop to fight an enemy, make their Anne not give birth
to!In the evening go to bed is a gun voice, in the daytime march is also
a gun voice, which afraid is to have a meal toilet, all don't dare to
"Rightness!There is big Hong mountain that lead long to make, Lao
Tze goes toward a gully inside on drilling, north the foreigner living
ground not familiar where is our opponents, kill a for Lao Tze's a day,
ten worlds to also get capital back money!"Ke Shao bites a tooth to say,
the vulgar words are led coaxing of everyone to smile.
The Yue Peng walks a turn of day of finger is to the front of the
map city in big areas in the Hong mountain area in the door, and ?
Posted 13 Jul 2017

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