empty already the nitric smoke fill the air

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litary officer to appreciate 100!Kill tip to servant 50, soldier's 10 pieces, want to earn money, want to eat meat!Give me malicious dozen!"
Several big box dollars Neil Walker Authentic Jersey immediately transfer the emotion of having the infantries, a twos are
red eyes, greedy vision a time of time sweeps to see but leads.
Ping Guo Zhang disagrees, this is the north ocean!
The Gu is virtuous to show off more many but, pulled out very clear
saber to halt ground to wait for bombarding be over.He is to protect
certainly army hurriedly school student, behind be selected and
appointed Noah Syndergaard Authentic Jersey government supported to go to a Japanese sergeant study infantry
section in school, immediately joined after returning to country north
ocean, this time even Pan with Wang Zhan Yuan be adjusted come the first
soldier appoint.He the fair and just generation that have small
reputation in the ocean in the north, and then understand thoroughly
infantry military tactics, so this time Ping Guo Zhang especially the
idea let him to before commanding soldier.
"The brotherses, with me up!"After the bombardment of half an hour
textbook type ends, Wu Sheng closes empty already the nitric smoke fill
the air, the Gu is fully virtuous to show off to lead two to mark six Nolan Ryan Authentic Jersey camps 4,000 many northern ocean soldiers start aggression, only the
first devotion reaches to three more camps, just this time they haven't
hurtled to the best artillery range, Wu Sheng closes and then spews out
closely of bullet, only left 2 five living seven cannon don't stop to
open fire to the infantry as well.
"Ha ha, see to is the big appearance that is governed by the soldier
to frighten afraid, can so far opening fire have a quasi- head?Show
mountain, the elder brother is having first."Wang Zhan Yuan Steven Matz Authentic Jersey and Li Chun ha ha chat, seemed to see the appearance that oneself rob
the bottom achievement, only Ping Guo Zhang is suddenly wrinkly to knit
the brows, in addition to the first and on the second day outside, the E
soldier should say dozen very good, why will lose thus today according
to?Is a conductor to change a person?Or supported to no longer skin a
flint ammunition?
The city closes, Yang Qiu is regardless of admire the threat of
hole, take three camps in person and or so two a brigade closing after
breaking, to not show Ping Guo Zhang a truth or falsity, in addition to
issue order in addition to opening fire, the full speed also ground
teeth to leave on the biggest distance all machine guns, pretend to be
to defendoof ample appearance.
Although is false, the Stolmy Pimentel Authentic Jersey drama still needs to do foot, in addition to a stand the mark
battlefield outside the Qin up totally swarmed about 24 pretty light
machine guns, only the guard connects eight rows and then has already
reached to more eight pretty light machine guns, so can also temporarily
suppress north the impact of the ocean power head.
See the city close to come out so many thermodynamic powers to order
a while, Ping Guo Zhang's eyebrows finally and gradually spreads out
and issue order north the ocean machine gun brigade starts out.
North dress' saddling a Tom Seaver Authentic Jersey horse time of a gram of Qin isn't long either, the advantage lies in
all of machine riflemans is German military instructor hands in, north
the ocean again wealth atmosphere is thick not stingy bullet, so each
machine rifleman once beat many bullets and compared with Yang Qiu to
pull to go to battle at the time will be fierce to sweep a fierce dozen
the butter hand that can't handle a hard nut to crack to be good friends
with a lot.
Number stand the mark Qin machine ?
Posted 14 Jul 2017

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