gun the tube be immediately aroused by cold

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numerous northern ocean military officers all some chests deliver stuffy, all have never thought the other party to still have this kind
of cutthroat Mao, Wang Zhan Yuan is also a spirit issue order the second
Andrew Miller Authentic Jersey aggression mounts, don't want to give the opponent some breather
"Commander nine in close!"
Two Aos of hours are post-war, nine in closed to lead off to come
out big thick smoke, this was the good previous amount of company
signal, once guarding not to live immediately fire prevention, first, is
a Andy Pettitte Authentic Jersey notice Wu Sheng closed them to start withdrawing and second, let north
the ocean infantry can't quickly capture to close Ai and ensure to make
the enemy can not use two sides before Wu Sheng closes to withdraw.The
close behind even Jing closes flame to also fill the air at the same
time, Ping Guo Zhang of the distance view war and Wang Zhan Yuan et als
all peeped out insinuative smile, or so two passes after being offended
break can easily occupy vantage point to attack from both flanks Wu
Sheng Guan from two sides.
Or so two passeses rise Aroldis Chapman Authentic Jersey signal fire to let in a row Hao text treasure hasty, greatly drink
voice in pair the machine rifleman break open by force canteen to
sprinkle cold water at wheat virtuous Sen the light machine gun gun take
care of up, steaming hot of gun the tube be immediately aroused by cold
water the Zi Zi make ring, although this can accelerate gun tube
cooling, to the gun tube hurt really too and greatly, can want ~only at
the sight of closely northern ocean infantry, he attends to not ascend
so many.Flection of 30 hairs playing box be made an effort to fill well,
wait until two cold water to sprinkle deeply gun Austin Romine Authentic Jersey after taking care of, immediately started to embrace a machine gun to
re- drive in the sandbag again, Da Da ……of in the gunning voice, face to
face a few Cus cannot compare with to defend of the northern ocean
infantry be immediately poured in the ground by the Liao.
The light machine gun unlike heavy machine gun can thoroughly blockade
an enemy, so keep needing and replace a war and prevent°from being taken
aim at, wait he to drill into a heap of broken tiles afresh a Babe Ruth Authentic Jersey good machine gun, the whole Wu Sheng 's closing defense line has
already started to be tottering, only left heavy machine gun delivers
crazy spray and vomit long long flame, pair the machine rifleman is
together more continuous and play 3 and take and connect.
But the camouflage are finally camouflage, depending three camps is
in no way may guard Wu Sheng to close, when Hao text's treasure's
pressing a northern ocean class on the ground have to withdraw, heavy
machine gun the leader of class of the class mounted a big bomb to
detonator, although the commander after promising back Hankow
immediately adds the new for them, can the warriors is still unwilling,
canning take the heavy mark Qin is to impossibly and quickly withdraw a
safety distance, have to thoroughly destroy for the sake of doing not
fall into enemy hands.
The leader of class Bernie Williams Authentic Jersey after connecting the good detonator clapped the shoulder of clapping
the machine rifleman, the latter immediately took a cordage to tie~up to
die a trigger, pair machine rifleman also the connection quite a few
root play to take and used wood rod again to withdraw machine gun
fortress after fixing let so much the machine gun automatically open
fire.Four boxes play full-automatic status next can maintain for short
several minutes, so machine gun after the fortress machine gun the class
distribute feet Ya the son run about wildly to run ?
Posted 14 Jul 2017

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