Zhen Chen still has some letter not

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several eyes, see his whole body scholar the Shan being different from a talented person who have the weapon to make him go in. The barracks is in fact Jason Peters Authentic Jersey the people who is at the time taken over to reside, Chen Hao Hui sees
shape short strong after getting into and have much of several cent the
robust soldier touch kind of the big fellow is drinking stuffy wine,
hurriedly call low 1:"Flap minister eldest brother."
The didn't hear for a long time of shout the wine cup of letting
man's hand suddenly a slippery, the subconscious pulled out pistol and
saw his thus nervous Chen Hao Hui hurriedly put a hand:"Eldest brother, I
am small six!"
"Is small six?"The man is Jerome Brown Authentic Jersey fierce on arousing to work properly, not pleased on the contrary cut up
rough more after seeing clear, a clench his collar of dress to wear
forehead to scold a way with the gun crest:"Bastard, do you dare to also
see me?If not that you protect dint not, my dad is how can held tight
by that dog thief of Yang Qiu to humiliate!"
The other people maybe not know who his dad in is, but Chen Hao Hui
very clear, because he joins the close Wei that the right road soldier
is before Zhang Biao, and in front this isn't an outsider either, he is Jordan Hicks Authentic Jersey Zhang Biao's big son, Zhang Zhen Chen, , the revolution uses alias to
take advantage o to sneak into a cannon brigade indiscriminately behind,
because have the skill firm artillery effort, be promoted an officer
for the sake of the brigade, plusing this cannon brigade is behind set
up, pour nobody and also discover his true character.
Be stayed after the head Chen Hao Hui on the contrary by the gun
crest a drew back dress Jin, red eyes say:"In former days several elder
brothers all shout your[one] eldest brother!If the eldest brother feels Jordan Matthews Authentic Jersey that the Hao Hui is afraid to die generation, might as well take a
knife dynasty!The gun voice disturbs an outside to harm eldest brother
to be hiding a body, brothers also the Kui so educated to the commander
in chief for several years!"
Chen Hao Hui says earnestness, but Zhang Zhen Chen still has some
letter not, ask a way:"The Ji being little to give me Ji is slanting, I
but hear, your boy joined a right road soldier to be running dog for
Yang Qiu!How?Want to come to recruit Anne mine now?"
Once Chen Hao Hui clap thigh and excitedly take out 1,002 silver
tickets to once the table clap and rise a blush from shame excited
way:"The eldest brother really thinks small six is afraid to die to
betray the Josh Huff Authentic Jersey generation of commander in chief?That because I am afraid outside the
nobody circulate news and just against will promise down, this is them
to my 1,002, brothers I am a half the big son have never moved!If the
eldest brother still didn't believe, that was simply to kill me."
Zhang Zhen Chen saw a silver ticket to still really have some to
believe, because Chen Hao Hui's financial situation is needy, a few
sisters-in-law want all depend he serve as soldier to feed, when Zhang
Biao was nearby before very poor, returned a quilt he and the other
close Wei once laughed at, thought at him come if really went and lived
with Yang Qiu how can don't send this money to go home Lane Johnson Authentic Jersey inside, so gun to once the table put and said:"Say, today come what
"Certainly is kill Yang Qiu and save commander in chief!"
"Kill Yang Qiu?!"On listenning to these three words, Zhang Zhen Chen
almost springs up and compares with Zhang Biao although his experience
is very bad,BE not a fool either, besides Chen Hao Hui still joined a
right road soldier, so huming several voices didn't ?
Posted 14 Jul 2017

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