addition to in the early years outside

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he at the beginning also has small reputation in the Gao Wu Bei's schools, because the only son just don't serve as soldier, now go out to
toughen should be able to get up, be just."Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi but
Darryl Roberts Jersey Ning has an eyebrow and has some misgivings way:"Currently the sun
summer this place we can beat of only have a small tiger of Su of two
setting up frontier garrisoning of camps, Fan Liang Shan camp, the
impedimenta camp and cannons two camps, guards connect is also not
arrive 200, four new barrackses at least would not° until till the end
of the year force an use, will the opposite can't living unexpected
obstacles again after taking out him to walk?"
The air peculiarly saw eye Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi, Yang Qiu didn't
know is should smile or the sorrow, what to smile was this group to
gradually have independent thinking, sorrow of is the history grain David Andrews Jersey in the parallel world just open in a little branch, oneself also
already mold faintness paste, now take oneself as a new benefits group
of center have already gradually modeled, extend Sichuan along with the
influence, the public is gradually no longer pure, in the future while
ownly leading, where will they exactly head for?
He was speechless to smile under, seem to feel that oneself thinks
Be getting tooer many, Wu Sheng closed master's son burning with anger,
although Sun Wu falls from power a yellow interest tomorrow Deandre Carter Jersey want again come, couldn't win all of this battle everythings at beating
is falsely, why the need for think a so far affair, so immediately a
put to say:"My peace or chaos doesn't make decision to nearby have how
much person, but be decided by us can walk how far!"
Settle next command troops a candidate behind simple, two camps all
through the night set out to remit suitable Chang, Ba Dong of the beard
is three old, at the same time from the Yue Peng and Wu Zhao Devin Lucien Jersey Lin immediately chose 200 to once accept Wu Sheng closes a test of the
old soldier and young military officer walk city mountain support, Sung
the son is pure E Chuan the troops dozen leave three infantry camps and
cannon after spreading camp, again take two heavy machine guns connect,
ten pretty light machine gun and 1,000 hair Ses 98, the set plait for
the country defends a soldier Sichuan vanguard trip.
The Su small tiger allows a trip long, the beard is old three any
and round and round long and pair trip long, Ma Kui this time also wants
with took office Chuan in the past the south garrisoned Devin Mccourty Jersey commander and was responsible for the Chongqing and etc. ground in
Guang'an recruited a new soldier and built necessary facilities, the
governmental affairs was hurriedly class of to also want to move
Chongqing, still want to immediately think Sichuan that the way will
scatter to make old worker in the bureau and Chuan at the same time of
ground each kind of talented person received.
In addition to in the early years outside, Yang Qiu had been
strictly forbiding each personally enlisted soldier in the external
brigade, stipulated that new soldier could pass draft center to enlist,
and need to send back everywhere man the sun unify concentration
training, but this time gave Ma Kui Yi levy and train new soldier's
task, obviously made the heart be being a big rear Sichuan.
A while rose Devin Street Jersey vanguard in Sichuan trip trip from the battalion commander long make
the small tiger of Su very excited, the front brothers of this period of
time troops beat the hot jollification made, two camps but in addition
to train still train, underneath grievance very big, so got this
security c ?
Posted 28 Jul 2017

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