they win to have many all would like

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cturing industry base of China's best material, so spent to annoy to carry on to reshuffle and not only adopt to account piece system, but
also subdivide each car according to the modern factory that he Rob Gronkowski Super Bowl Jersey comprehends very strongly, is also the independent research unit that
is a to all constitute to°from the old teacher recently.
See he don't seem to be for the first time to come so pick three
Jians four, Su Hong's livinging is on the whole to feel at ease a lot
and rubbed to ask a way:"Commander, I listen to the small tiger say you
from German hand in purchased a new machine?"
Yang Qiu Wei Julian Edelman Women's Jersey tiny one Leng, know with only a few core personnels of the affair that
Germany trade, particularly is the affair that sells British secret ten
thousand ten thousand can not reveal, so immediately see to Zhang Wen
Jing Zi You Xi, the latter hurriedly says:"Is what I tell a small tiger,
the commander spends big price to purchase a machine equipments, so let
man the sun this place prepare for a while, in case fluster when the
time comes."
The idea of listenning to the another cause says is spend money to
walk normal business outlet, Yang Qiu also trusted and said:"BE buy
some, the equipments total amount probably has many two Chinese sun, all
"Two Chinese Julian Edelman Youth Jersey sun are many!"Have not the words finished saying, how many took care of
to right away jump, what scale is the man sun ?The hole of the piece
anxious physical labor, cost huge millions to just have today's scale,
can Yang Qiu incredibly describe with a delicate touch buy to return to
2!He and German emperor is relatives?Su Hong livingsed to see a few
German bodyguards that the eye far and far follow behind.
"The machinery equipment isn't a problem the all latest model
number, German there will send minimal 200 technician resident three
years, as for you can all learn, learning the Jing must see
yourselves."Yang Qiu says:"In addition, it is so large-scale to be not a
man either what sun can all spread to open, so I have already made Ma
Kui choose an address in Chongqing and prepare to make Julian Edelman Navy Blue Jersey a bureau to do an ordinary members by Sichuan and lately set up a
factory over there."
Set up new factory Su Hong to living to wait person to have no an
opinion in Chongqing, can make the bureau as ordinary members with
Sichuan everyone not very great, immediately say:"Commander, the gun
built pays ammunition before manufacturing bureau in Sichuan break work
already a long time, all unqualified, the worker and technical expert is
also all unbearable to greatly use."
They didn't Julian Edelman Red Jersey say leave words, late pure don't be at a standstill as well on the
modern industry, really started a lot of machines manufacturing bureau,
but the level isn't even, total come to say man sun, Chiang-Nan and big
Gu threes are the strongest, Fukien horsetail is mainly a shipbuilding,
as for gold Ling, Guangdong and Sichuan level all badly, recently these
year in addition to make black explosive already basic deadlock, can he
can't also, this is the home industry present condition currently, once
learned skin always compare have never learned all right.
Su Hong livings Julian Edelman White Jersey to most urgently and already chase in the future all wagers at top of
power, anxious way:"The commander trusts, I have already sent telegram
to stay for those early years virtuous on helping old waiter, they win
to have many all would like to, the quite a few has been already started
on journey, if you feel can, might as well hand over to them to do."
"The national turmoil, Shanghai and river Zhe there and sooner or l ?
Posted 28 Jul 2017

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