Why Roofing Materials Get Stolen and How You Can Prevent It

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When Sean Robnett, a Denver roofing contractor, and his crew showed up to do some scheduled work for a client, they were surprised to find that some of their materials which had been delivered earlier in the week were missing. The plastic that kept all the shingles on the pallets had been cut and many of the shingles were gone. The project had to be delayed so that new shingles could be ordered. When they showed up again to work on the new roof, they saw that the shingles had again been stolen. After a third order of shingles, they installed a hidden camera on the home. Soon after the third shipment of shingles came in, their camera caught two men arriving in two vehicles and stealing the shingles. Their faces and license plates were clearly visible and they were caught but only after Robnett’s company had lost thousands of dollars  in roofing supplies and the homeowner’s roofing project had been delayed several weeks.

Why steal roof shingles?

Asphalt shingles are actually a hot commodity. The price of asphalt shingles has risen a lot in recent years and they’re in especially high demand after a big storm causes lots of roof damage in an area. An asphalt shingle thief can stockpile these shingles for a rainy day and make a huge profit by turning around and selling them to an unsuspecting homeowner. Fly-by-night roofers might steal shingles or purchase stolen shingles from the back of a van or truck in an alley. Since they were acquired for free, they can underbid any legitimate roofing companies and still make a better profit.

How to prevent roofing materials theft

Asphalt shingles are typically delivered at least a day or two in advance of the actual project in case of delays
in the shipment so that the roofing crew can simply show up that first day and get to work. But that means
they’re often sitting on the curb or driveway for up to several days and nights where a thief could potentially
drive up and steal them. When hammering out the details of a roofing project with your Spokane roofing company, you can get a delivery date for the shingles and arrange to be home when they arrive. Have them delivered inside the garage or around back if possible so that they will be out of sight of anyone driving around looking for shingles to steal. If that’s not possible, investing in a security camera so you have recourse to catch the thieves is a lot cheaper than just taking a loss on the shingles.

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Source: denver.cbslocal.com/2017/07/28/stolen-roofing-materials-roof-colorado-roof-contractor/

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Posted 21 Aug 2017

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