That Crazy Thing Called "LOVE"

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Shahrukh Khan

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It's an endless wait. Like a hunter waiting for his target. Like a slave waiting for his freedom. Like the parched desert soil waiting for the rain. Beads of sweat form on my face, but get no attention from me. My gaze stays intent on the telephone, waiting, no, COMMANDING it to ring. I have to speak to her. I have to. I don't know why. All know is that what started as a small longing has now escalated into a tumultous craving. Surely she'll call...won't she...?

After all, she's been calling me everyday around this time. Why shouldn't she today? What's keeping her? She told me she'll call me after dinner. Isn't her dinner over yet? seems to me as if an eternity has passed since the last time I spoke to her. Can't she finish having dinner in one whole ETERNITY? Oh my GOD! Why am I thinking like this? Isn't she just a good friend? Aaahh...I can't take it anymore! Can I possibly be... in love with her? YES, yes, yes...that's it! I'm in love with her. Oh my God oh my God oh my God! I'm in love! Oh, what an incredible feeling this is, this realization. It's as if I'm floating on a cloud, a cloud of fleece!

Love is definitely all that it's made out to be...sublime, soothing...fulfilling...all forgiving... refreshing...hey wait a minute. Why isn't she calling me? Doesn't she want to speak to me? Oh...what if she doesn't love me? NO, this can't be, this wonderful feeling of mine cannot go unreciprocated. I know what I gotta do. I have to tell her what I feel for her. I have to tell her how my life revolves around my meetings with her. How she's as important to me as freedom to a slave, rain to the parched desert soil, the target to uh umm...I think I'll leave out that last one. Anyways, what I need to do is tell her exactly how much I love her, not by using fancy lines, but by speaking straight from the heart, dil se! Yup, I'm sure I've got that figured out right.

Now if only she would call. Argh! Why the hell isn't she calling me? Doesn't she know I love her? ...Or does she? Is that why she's not calling me? Is this torture part of a whole plan of hers to make me pine? Does she get secret pleasures by tormenting me like this? By playing this game with me hope and then letting that belief die slowly by not making the promised call? Can it be? Oh, even as my heart bleeds and dies, it must be true. Oh, that scheming cold-hearted beauty. How could she do this to me! Did I not heap enough love on her? The bitch. How the hell could I have loved such a fake! Well, all I know is that the feelings of love have died a quick death. Now it's just the embers of hatred that warms my heart. Ah...what's that? The phone's ringing.

"Hello?'s you. Well..guess what? I have no bloody intention of speaking to you for the rest of my life, you slimy calculating snake. So you can just go to hell for all I care." Click. I hang up. Ah, I feel so much better now. It feels good to have things sorted out in this mad mad world!
Posted 19 Mar 2004

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