Meera to produce Bolly film about herself

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LAHORE Lollywood star Meera is to become the first Pakistani to produce a Bollywood film, teaming up with director Karan Johar to make a movie based on her life.

“It is a great breakthrough in my reel life,” a happy and excited Meera told Daily Times on Saturday. She said she had got the confidence to produce an Indian film from having worked with some of the giants of the Pakistani film industry. The project will begin shooting in three months.

She said an estimated budget of Rs 60 million had been set for the movie. “I know I shall face many ups and downs but I have made up my mind,” she said. She said she had spoken to Mr Johar and Mahesh Bhatt, the moving spirit behind the project, and ironed out all the details.

“The movie shall be about my life and Mr Bhatt is writing the script,” she said. She said Mr Bhatt was a prolific writer and she was confident that his script would be very good.

Asked whether her independent production would be screened in Pakistan, Meera said only when restrictions on screening Indian movies in Pakistani cinemas were lifted.

The actress will also be in Mr Bhatt’s film Nazar Kay Samnay. She said the script of the film was “fabulous” with well-defined characters. Her co-star in the movie will be John Ibrahim.

Mr Ibrahim starred alongside Bipasha Basu in Jism in which the latter stunned cinemagoers with the amount of flesh she showed. Asked how her performance alongside Mr Ibrahim would match up, Meera said: “Cinema fans will be left breathless after watching me sizzle with my co-star. The performance asks for purity.”

She was asked if that meant she would show a lot of flesh. Meera said the audience for both Pakistani and Indian musicals wanted the heroine to look nice and sexy, but not vulgar. “Every cinemagoer wants to see heroines at their best on the screen. It depends on the individual how they do it in from of the camera. There are many ways to look seductive without looking vulgar,” she said.

Meera said she would also produce a Punjabi film to show “the real culture of Punjab” that was otherwise distorted in most Punjabi flicks. The script for the movie is by Wajahat Atray, but she has not yet chosen a director.

“I am a Pakistani and I shall remain a Pakistani,” Meera said when asked why she was producing a film in India. The actress said Indians were showing their talent even in Hollywood. They were coming up with steamy characters and were given wonderful coverage in the western media. Pakistani talent had the right to showcase their skill and expertise in other countries to demonstrate that a Paksitani could produce a film in India. “Out in the world there are many skies to reach out for,” she said.
Posted 11 Apr 2004

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