person contacts all of distance in Jiangsu virtuous

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ver can act precipitately as well. The penny of time is an in the past, the shell was finally gradual
loose, closely of the black mark started from the river front to this
place hurtle, saw a form him suddenly a tore off collar, depressed body
along the Aaron Hicks Authentic Jersey dugout side runs a side to shout:"The heavy machine gun attention
covers!The light machine gun doesn't stop motionless!Two trips and newly
arrived brotherses!Hankow have already might fall at any moment, this
is we the opportunity finally!Count ten thousand ten thousand
compatriots is waiting for our report of successes!We want to guard a
hour here now!Guard not to live, we are the convicts of Hubei!Guard, we
were the males of national defense!"
The soldier cry voice Aaron Judge Authentic Jersey being moved by the drum wears to climb to follow and stretched out gun
muzzle from the blind side of a bag of bag sandbag and waited until
north ocean soldier close to after, 4 stand mark Qin machine with each
other become Ji Cape to start madness strafe, already become accustomed
to the machine riflemans of economizing the bullet this time but be
orderanied to release to beat, so almost everybody chase rate of speed
machine bye arrive biggest.
Is long long ground gun muzzle Yan like Ultrasaurus jet of flame, in
a short instant be like north ocean soldier along with sprayed several
thousand hair bullets, closely of the bullet stir opposite utterly Adam Warren Authentic Jersey routedly and be pressed as even lifting heads not to get up two
northern ocean camps assaulting, spirit north the ocean tube take to
keep scolding people's soldier to burn a steamed stuffed bun to play too
many, immediately blow ring the copper Shao issue order to crawl
Ascend thousand north ocean the soldier crawl to climb to the
hillside all the way and lend the light of fire of shell to see go,
imitate a Buddha ground drive the Sa ascended the Ju insect of 1 F
dust-colour, the terrible prospects lets even if once beat Wu Sheng
Guan, fight the soldier whom the filial piety protects a war skin of
head to also become numb.
No matter use that kind of military tactics, the first assault
affirmation is to sound out thermodynamic power, so the heavy machine
gun sees somebody elses all"poured", machine gun the soldier of the
class immediately and quickly trails a small round car to transfer.Fruit
not it however, north ocean the soldier after climbing to the half
didn't climb, the artillery starts spraying overlay bombardment in the
fiery place to before severals, several already the person get empty to
the building of machine gun bunker drive deep-fried fall apart.
See arrive just position of Alex Rodriguez Authentic Jersey appearing the gun muzzle Yan drive deep-fried lousy, north ocean the
soldier start accelerating to upwards climb, after waiting to approach
100 meters took care of to take to blow to ring copper Shao, ascend
thousand north ocean the soldier suddenly start to jump and draw back
toward the fierce battlefield and rush toward since then, at this time
weigh a machine gun again the full speed open fire, ten several pretty
light machine guns also joined chorus after, the northern ocean soldier
on the hillside is like a wheat sort slice become the slice kept on
"Withdraw down, again bomb!Let cannon two camps also come up!"Wang
Yu Jia sees arrive the first two camps for throwing ins almost be swept
light, the teeth all bite of the Luo Luo make ring, fiercely draw out
saber to once the ground put, how many years have never fight this kind
of fierce battle!This time and finally can satisfy well, let these
miscellaneous card ?
Posted 11 Oct 2017

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