The north ocean hurt

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lls in a purdah after putting together kill, with stroke north ocean fourth town for target, the depletion enemy's soldier has the war to
living strength with the national defense soldier great victory be over
that Yang Qiu directs.
According to the later statistics, in addition to 3,000 much
straggling soldiers risk death a swimming to escape, leave to all stay
at the small Cang mountain be among them directly shoot~deaed to reach
to a 3300 Andre Dawson Authentic Jersey more remaining person and leave 5,000 remaining all be captured,
control Wang Yu Jia a moment be also killed before the river in the Du
rise of the thunder Be fierce to catch up to personally arrest.
In addition to captive, also paid to get 5475 millimeters of
mountain cannon, 15 stand a mark Qin heavy machine gun, around ten
thousand virtuous build M1888 and the Ao Xiong summer benefit of Man
rifle, the mule animal ammunition impedimenta innumerable.
Harvest huge even make some Anthony Rizzo Authentic Jersey people jealous, but the loss equally makes Yang Qiu don't already love,
the crackest two teachers adding to lose more than 4000 people, under
the sistuation that own in great quantities light machine gun and hand
grenade and teeing off 1.3-1 harms to compare really isn't the result
that is worth vaunting.
But after passing the test that this horrifying Ao fights, this is
miscellaneous seven miscellaneous eight national defense soldierses
finally and thoroughly grow up, to north ocean's fearing also drive on
washing Ben Zobrist Authentic Jersey and getting empty, in the future run into again to also have enough
bottom spirit.More important BE, tomorrow since!The news of small Cang
mountain overwhelming victory meeting along with wear for a sky, the
telegram of war corresponders like enemy,etc spreads the whole far east,
even the whole world!
Yang Qiu trembles military cap and re- took.He clearly remembers
that today!The south still has an important event, Su Zhe Hu four roads
combine to take the offensive to beat a Nanking.But that has already
done not relate to with him, even if Ping Guo Zhang had already killed a
big Zhi door don't also relate to!Unless the Yuan a life time Kai would
like to emit Ping Hua department just the insurance that is also cut
off to go home road, otherwise he can the darling sit down to make
The afternoon could not Billy Williams Authentic Jersey feel one silk warmth Hankow, the explosion voice of vehemence
continuously spreads from big direction in the Zhi door and put into
each heart hot pot the convenient dint turns over to stir-fry,
frightened, misgiving, grind teeth, clench heart, the young man rounds
draft center ram-jam full in order to get hold of a gun, the woman
embraces a kid to secretly have muscular spasms and looking at one
brigade again a group of soldierses to raise a gun to rush toward the
battlefield, then is lifted down by the one and other load of.
The corpse is put on the in former days prosperous street, the aged
of Lian corpse puts on to fix attention on tears to tear off a spool of
book plain white cloth, the simple wood coffin piles up like
mountain.Suppress, the failure presses like Tashan the person breathe
heavily however get up.
This is the war, the price of revolution!
A gun on October 10 ring, changed China the earth of at the same
time, also brought deeply heavy distress, was south to ring out an one
independent voice, start in the Yang-tze River downstream for new the
nation rush about at the time that disease shouted, the source of
revolution still kept suffering a battle ?
Posted 11 Oct 2017

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