who is dumber: meera or nirma?!

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peeps i've always thought meera was the clown of lollywood with her outrageous comments every time she talks. but after reading nirma's recent interview....maybe meera has some company now! here is a section of the interview, by instep:

Instep: Who do you think is responsible for the industry's downfall?

Nirma: I think it's everybody including the public. If it encourages substandard and vulgar films and songs then naturally such characters will be in demand.

Instep: But how can you hold the public responsible. They will see what you do. It is the artist's responsibility not to work in such films?

Nirma: Bhai why blame artists. He/she has to act according to the producer and director's demand and we need money too. If we refuse to accept the role some other artist would do it and we will starve. (*DUMBEST EXUSE EVER MADE*)

Instep: Why are Reema, Meera, Veena, Zara hungry to work in Bollywood?

Nirma: It is all a tactic to stay in the news. Two years ago Meera claimed that Karan Johar has signed her in next film but Johar's Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham is over so where is Meera? Reema's recent visit to Mumbai was nothing but a photo session. I have nothing against working in Indian movies but one shouldn't sell one's dignity. Before signing any film it's crazy to make tall claims.

Instep: And have you any offer from Bollywood so far?

Nirma: Yes, director David Dhawan has signed me for his upcoming Aankhen which has Salman Khan in the lead. Director Satish Kaushik too has offered me a meaty role in his forthcoming film. The name is yet to be finalized. Thirdly Subhash Ghai too seems interested in signing me for his film.

in one breath she criticizes reema, meera, zara etc for claiming to work in bollywood movies, and then she makes the SAME claim!
Posted 05 Jun 2004

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