blessing for giving a bite is very angry

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everyone's influence issue to count must of loan, so I already to domestic suggestion adopt a more vivid way operation bank regiment."
Ge blessing's hasing never thought Germany has already so deeply got
involved and say:"Especially Lao boon you, being a civilization the
person should be in the light of to help all the principles of the
distress people, Jacob Larsson Women's Jersey your country this loan may be used for military realm very much, so I
very of misgiving."
"You can trust, Yang Qiu already to our country government promise
that this loan can't be used for a military, his purpose is to construct
more factories, help three constructions in the province.As I see Jakob Silfverberg Women's Jersey it he has already used the loan buys ° from the United States to be
worth of counting must of industrial equipments, include a steel and
iron works of integrity, tractor factory and a little bit other
equipmentses among them, you see him only is used for business."
"The United States?"Especially the words of Lao boon let Ge blessing
the eyebrows is more wrinkly more deep.Germany hasn't solved, the
United States participated to come in again, this whether say Yang-tze
River upper stream in the future take three cents world?He is to really
know that there is what abundance in this land, and will soon fall into
Yang Qiu Shou along with Guizhou, his influence becomes more and more
big, probably whole southwest China all before long will fall in his
hand, Zhu Er Dian's you supports the behavior of the Kai of Yuan a life
time with all strength Jean-Sebastien Giguere Women's Jersey isn't mistake?Probably should adjust strategy, afresh the good relation
between establishment and Yang Qiu?
"Thank you to make me pass through a fine afternoon."Especially the
Lao boon words have been already finished saying and start polite two,
just wanted to walk the canthus suddenly saw a window outside a cargo
vessel that hangs American national flag is positive along the Yang-tze
River slowly drives to go to the man sun, for building for Ge blessing a
little small bother, point to say:"You see, John Gibson Women's Jersey I say right, the United States came."
Follow his finger, the Ge blessing saw American steamer that starts
being closing to a berth, the forehead was more deep, connect especially
Lao boon when leave don't notice.
The steamer is under the conductor of dock man slowly near ascend berth,
it is really too many to hang various ships of each kind flag for this
period of time, so the everyone didn't care this American freighter too
much, until let go of after the gangway all talented person's eyes a
bright.Sees one be dressed in a foreigner coat, the beautiful and
matchless woman initiative stands down gangway, her charming, facial
appearance prettiest, the long dress in black more Chen get the skin win
After death still have the quite a few ten 34-year-old young mans at
her, these people are all uniformly dress fopperies, imitating the
Buddha is the student who just studied abroad back from the Europe and
America, it happened that among them the many people have been being
looking in all directions to point a point and seemed the quite a few
have never come back for a hundred years similar.
"Seedling seedling miss?!"Often always direct on the wharves of the
two sides for four this period of times, see the woman start having not
noticed, feel the qualities is extraordinary very beautiful, can wait to
see two more eye empress but fiercely open widely mouth this foppery
ocean spirit of is the woman it the seedling Luo that is who?
"Four uncles."
Hear this form of address, often four broke to settle more, be
Posted 01 Dec 2017

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