the soldier department walked too nearly

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eak, this time why again suddenly come back still delicate at this every moment?See throw vision on the newspaper inside the farmland Kang Zai,
western park Mr. Si hoped to wrinkle up eyebrows:"For the sake of him?"
"Not, should for the sake Conor Sheary Authentic Jersey of man Ye Ping and that southwest."Inside the farmland Kang Zai
say:"The empire navy has already started constructing two new war rows
warship, our country extend to the need beginning of steel material,
Korea and south are full to provide too little, man Ye Ping annually
1,000,000 tons of iron mine stone to our country is at too importance,
so the navy is very dissatisfied towards slowly having never completely
controled man Ye Ping for this period of time.Army's department also
thinks on the processing of this matter we are too soft to fall, they
hope to send toward the man Ye Ping more 2-3 allied brigades are with
the prosperous need that ensures empire to the steel.And pay that
Yang-tze River upper stream and southwest are a huge treasure-house, our
allies can whence acquire the profits of 100000000 dollars of top Daniel Sprong Authentic Jersey annually, so the head mountain after being full get this news wants to
lend this opportunity its black dragon will the influence develop
Yang-tze River upper stream to go."
"23 unites a brigade!Are they getting more crazy?"Western park Mr.
Si hopes to start to keep body, Be accept a freedom to thought heavier
he very clear, now of Japanese can not bear one more war at all, so
doing not only not is help but is push the empire into an abyss, so
immediately wrinkle up eyebrows, extremely and seriously say:"Decade
inside, the empire can not accept a war!Even if we own huge sea
advantage towards paying that, but navy the first fleet main force can
not get into the narrow water in the Yang-tze River at all, sending an
allied brigade of army can Eric Fehr Authentic Jersey not imagine at all.Our before increasing to send two big brigades
toward Tienjin has already aroused ally and the protest of Russia,
carrying on war to the Yang-tze River upper stream this is impossible!"
Inside the farmland Kang Zai most know that Japan is current
hard-pressed, says:"Yes, we have to avoid war.The man Ye Ping is to pay
that, this we can not also change!Although we once vanquished them,that
victory is really too breathtaking, navy this time of two war row
warships want to expend to count to be must again and leave two funds,
we can not raise, and the loan public finance that still needs to pay
about 80,000,000 now every year has already disallowed.Is more
important, you of Yi rattan spent to count year to finally let to pay
that to relieve old grudge after Evgeni Malkin Authentic Jersey the war last time, if we the activity of intemperate soldier
department, may cause new confrontation behavior please to forgive me to
keep speech very much, I really could not imagine the original material
of empire demand drive prospects after breaking off with hand."
"Prime minister's you, this time we all anyway have to forbear the
activity of soldier department, can in no way make them drag along the
empire into war."Inside the farmland Kang Zai pendency head, polite and
serious:"Inside the farmland don't fear war, my son also dies at in
southern full snow ground, I even can not find out his corpse up to now,
I feel proud for soldier department, but now!Not the that time waits."
Western park Mr. Si hopes a point to nod, 2,000,000,000 loans,
100,000 young talented persons change come south full, if soldier
department make a mess of let Japan draw in to pay that southwest war
more farawaily, afraiding of the price will be larger, and there
Posted 01 Dec 2017

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