Life after basketball With so many varied

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Music makes its mark“Music is something that Ryan Getzlaf Women's Jersey I don’t have a talent for; I’m not very rhythmic, I most certainly
can’t sing, but I wanted music in the last chapter of my life. I wanted
to be able to, at family gatherings, play an instrument. And to be able
to enjoy the pursuit of that is singular in the sense that even though
I’m not very good at it, every day when I practice that trumpet, I
really enjoy that hour.”
Monty McCutchen says he practices the trumpet daily.

The desire to constantly learn Ryan Kesler Women's Jersey new things is something McCutchen has done throughout his life. He
earned a degree in English Literature and Speech Communication from the
University of Texas at Arlington, but shortly after graduating headed to
Los Angeles to pursue refereeing. He then took on quilting as a dare,
then photography as a hobby and has now introduced the trumpet to his
arsenal of talents.

It is a lesson that he Sam Steel Women's Jersey imparts on his children as well as they get ready to reach adulthood
and begin to pursue their own life adventures.

“One of the things I try to articulate to my children is that it doesn’t
matter where you go to high school, where you go to college, the point
is are you going to quit learning when you get done with your school Sami Vatanen Women's Jersey or are you going to continue to grow?” he said. “Maybe there’s some
formal ways, through extension classes and what not that we grow, but
most of that is self driven if we’re doing it right. And I personally
hope I don’t stop doing those things that allow me grow. That’s the
best part of life.”
Life after basketball

With so many varied interests outside of the game, McCutchen has a
vision for his future when it is time for life after basketball. He says
that most referees retire around 60 and he plans to do the same so he
can move on to the next chapter in his life.

Posted 05 Dec 2017

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