trips give up Tang after the Yao department

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usand mountains of distance and says:"Enough money in Guizhou, what to lack is a road!In 100,000 Tashans although little farm land don't lack a
resources.I listen to Kuang Jing Zi You Xi Yang say, three Chris Kunitz Authentic Jersey teachers established southwest mercury company after taking back ten
thousand the mountain Gong the mineral and was responsible for to
develop ten thousand mountains and the mercury mineral of copper Ren and
also prepared to set up mercury factory, the light could give the
profits that Guizhou brings 1,000,000 this every year.Zun righteousness
and water city still have many coal mines, is also not small pen
money.You before hold a meeting and expand tobacco leaves and the sugar
cane system sugar development in Guizhou to clearly have ready plans to
meet a situation, not necessary I come to staff officer."
Jiang Fang shakes still Jiang Fang earthquake, talk at 1:00 all
Don't mention it.The seedling Luo listens to beautiful Zi Zi of, all of
her current heart is on Yang Qiu, does the oneself man have happy Conor Sheary Authentic Jersey skill still too late.Only have a Yang Qiu wry smile way:"Really deceive
however 100 inside elder brother."
3 people simultaneously chat part to ten thousand mountain mercury
the mineral walk to, take activity, occupy at ten thousand mountain the
thief dig member already drive all clearance, now this future
generations He He well-known world the second the flood silver mineral
area have already been handed over to two teacher teacher He Xi's
younger brothers, he manages jointly southwest mercury company with
government, for protect the resources citizen's guard's brigade to still
lend to suppress bandits to station here a connect.
Jiang Fang shook to see Daniel Sprong Authentic Jersey two eyes transfering a topic towards mining for minerals milli-
disinterest, :"Cai E has already made Han Jian Feng take one to mix help
Xuan Wei, obviously take precautions against five teachers into six
dish waters, also go to a coordination big to manage and Chuan side of
seven trip far away and mutually hope.Plus to back to arrive all even
Tang after the Yao and Liu Cun Hou's department, he also gathers to have
the horse of 40,000 people on Guizhou and boundary, can at last fail in
a task to sell iron to cut off all means of retreat by the dint of
Five teachers pass a few months of small dozen small make to toughen
troops, have already pressed Tang after the Yao department to all even,
so water city direction of the west peep out to greatly get empty to Eric Fehr Authentic Jersey block!The battleplane should say to have been already appeared!
Isn't enough is a troops currently!Eight trips temporarily still
don't have fighting strength, cans make to do spare work, seven trip
walk Chuan side go into geography in Yunnan complications, supply too
difficult.Geography in Guizhou is complicated, need to stay two trips to
lead long to make Tang after the Yao department at least.I suggest
three teachers to take out again to adjust a trip, had better take out a
trip from one teacher and two teachers, concentrate four trips give up
Tang after the Yao department and walk water city directly take the
offensive Kunming, so ability quick solution problem.Only."He bottom,
clap to glue is packing soldier the last dust, say with smile:"So
greatly transfer to consume with troops, at least want to expend
3,000,000 styles of sons, Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi presumably wants to
frighten to death."
Yang Qiu smiles, don't answer to ask a way:"100 inside does the
elder brother understand to Guangxi and six glory courts?"
Jiang Fang shakes and then guess
Posted 06 Dec 2017

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