Abrasive- 180*6*22mm Metal Grinding Disc Selection

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The 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc is a well-known one in the grinding tool. The abrasive is the main body of the cutting action during the grinding process, and it directly bears the cutting work, which is the fundamental factor that the grinding wheel can produce the grinding effect.
Abrasives must have high hardness, heat resistance, thermal stability and chemical stability, and should have a certain degree of toughness in order to withstand a certain amount of grinding force.
When grinding materials with high tensile strength, it is beneficial to select corundum abrasives with higher toughness. Grinding materials with low tensile strength are beneficial to the selection of brittle silicon carbide abrasives.
In addition to considering the tensile strength of the workpiece material, the hardness of the workpiece material is also the primary basis for selection when selecting the abrasive. Generally speaking, the hardness of the abrasive should be 2-4 times higher than the hardness of the workpiece. Otherwise, the abrasive of lower hardness will be quickly passivated during high-speed cutting and lose the cutting ability, so that the durability of the grinding wheel is too low and the cutting is affected. Efficiency and processing quality is not guaranteed. Therefore, the higher the hardness of the workpiece material, the higher the hardness of the abrasive.
The choice of abrasive properties should also take into account the chemical reactions that may occur in the grinding process system. In the grinding contact zone, abrasives, binders, workpiece materials, grinding fluids, and air are prone to spontaneous chemical reactions under the catalysis of grinding temperature and grinding force. Tests have shown that silicon carbide grinding tools are ground. In steel, the wear of the abrasive tool is faster than that of the corundum abrasive when grinding the steel. The main reason is that there is a strong chemical reaction between the silicon carbide abrasive and the steel.
In addition, the thermal stability of the abrasive should be considered when selecting the abrasive. When grinding some hard-to-grind materials, when the grinding zone is prone to produce higher temperatures, the abrasive used should have better high-temperature hardness retention.
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