Diamond wheel, resin diamond cup fast 9'' grinding wheel

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The working layer of the resin diamond cup type fast 9'' grinding wheel is composed of a diamond and a resin binder. The main component of the resin binder is a resin and an auxiliary material, which is mixed with the diamond powder, and is heated and solidified by pressure to form a resin diamond grinding wheel which is firmly combined with the substrate.
Diamond grinding wheels are superhard abrasives, which are generally used to process high hardness and high brittle materials such as hard alloys, ceramics, glass, semiconductor materials and stone.
The advantages of the diamond cup type grinding wheel produced by our company are as follows:
a. Strong grinding ability, good wear resistance, high durability, easy to control the processing size and automatic processing.
b. Small grinding force, low grinding temperature, good surface quality, no burns, cracks and tissue changes. When the diamond wheel grinds the cemented carbide, the grinding force is only 1/4~1/5 of the green silicon carbide grinding wheel.
c. High grinding efficiency. When machining hard alloys and non-metallic hard and brittle materials, the metal removal rate of diamond grinding wheels is better than cubic boron nitride grinding wheels; but when processing heat-resistant steel, titanium balance, mold steel, etc., cubic boron nitride grinding wheels are far higher For diamond grinding wheels.
d. Low processing costs. Diamond grinding wheels and cubic boron nitride grinding wheels are relatively expensive, but because of their long life and high processing efficiency, the overall cost is low.
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