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Pakistan, Pakistan
how can u say tht?
Posted 26 Jan 2005

main aapka hisab kar doon
Posted 23 Jul 2005

kash_beauty said: r my qs?s

Q.1 : ur real name?

Q 2 : Ghar walay piyar say kiya keh kar bulatay hain?

Q 3 : date of birth wid ur age ?

Q 4 : Education ?

Q 5 : The thing u treasure most!??

Q 6 : How did u join JB ?

Q 7 : Hobbies,apart 4m JB?!

Q8: Mujahy yaad hai ab tak?

Q9: Koi Aesi Khuwaish jo poori na hoee ho?

Q10: Zindagi Main kis cheez ki kammi Mesoos hoti hay?

Q11: Kabhi aa bail mujahy maar walay mohawaray par amal kia?

Q12: Apki zindagi ka maqsad kia hai?

Q13: Kiya piyaar kay bagair zindagi na'mukamil hay?

Q14: Dostee kia hai apki nazar main?

Q15: Apnay JB k members say kuch kehna chahen gay?

KUCH Q'S ajeeb hain aap ke 13 and 14
Posted 28 Jul 2005

Fairl_Girl says
Posted 28 Jul 2005

Blue Oasis says
shahrukh khan said:


I'd like to know this as well

and yeah this is a great topic Very good idea Kash and WOL
Posted 29 Jul 2005

~CHANDNI~ says
kash_beauty said:

Hello0o Jbianz!

I am here wid a new an exciting topic for all
Special thanx to WOL,as he suported me for this topic all the way!

Well..each week we will have a guest member
and all of us can ask him/her any question

Please Welcome our first Guest of JB's family.


He is the top poster so i thot y not start wid him!.And After all we do deserve to tease our golden members a bit

Well,what can i say about Shahenshah!..he is a k0ool and exciting person!..A gr8 person to talk to about anythng!..very intelligent and has gr8 sense of humour..He has the ability to surprise one!!..

According to WOL,he has got an influencing personality

So be ready Shahenshah!
Jbianz r onto u

Note:U can ask as many qs?s as u want!.But no off topic posts please.If u hve a qs?s feel free to ask,bt if u dnt,just enjoying reading it
Please dont give answers to the qs?s that have been posted by members!.thz questions are only for Guest!!

if u ask any personal question then its upto the guest if he/she wants to answer it! Dont force him/her to reply to any of your questions if he/she doesnt feel comfortable!
Also,dont post questions that cud hurt their feelings!!

very   nice topic good idea
waiting 4 bazi
Posted 29 Jul 2005

HiRa.... says
Posted 29 Jul 2005

mmja says
jawab to daytay nahin to is ka fiada kia hai kisi esay banday ko guest banaye jo jawab to day mean kisi achay bachay ko.
Posted 30 Jul 2005

kukki says
saare ke saare pirates hai yaha par ..koi kaam to respectful karakaro. kaha kaha beizzati karaoge. tum jaiso ko apne mulk ki izzat ka koi khayal nahi hai. pakistan is # 1 in piracy right now and is blasted by world press time and time again .
Posted 08 Aug 2005

guest_0003 says
Is icon ko mashoor talnay ta "ILZAM" bi Yach tay sir jata hay----->

but i dont know him
Posted 10 Aug 2005

Rain Man says
Some Might Say...

i hate him, no doubts...
reload ur guns
before he reaches the crowd
cuz after hez out
they aint gona let us get him over them clouds
his raps are confusing and he is nothing
he aint even suppose to be known here, is ur heads working
man he don't even have over 50 thousand posts
or a canadian passport, for God sakes he smokes new ports
he aint worth a attention
cuz he don't even open topics sayin good byes 30 times
yas is u outta ur mind, talkin about mods in every ryme

Yas Would Say...

i was born to cut throats, make less posts n get lost
in ur heads to corrupt ur brains with sick thoughts
came along way to do everything my way n i can't stay
24 hrs on this forum cuz its always work before play
so when a mod ruins my play time, i lose my mind
n rather have em pushed back before i bury em under rime
put ur hands in ur pockets or get a hold of mine n lock it
everytime someone makes this kinda topic
guess what...yup yup imma say it i like it
not cuz it makes me look ne better
but it makes u wana hate me more...n shatters
Posted 12 Aug 2005

red rose says

hi kash_beauty

pehley app mujey avatar define karein i am confiuse
Posted 12 Aug 2005

red rose says
Posted 12 Aug 2005

red rose says
hi everyone
Posted 13 Aug 2005

Posted 16 Aug 2005

~Fragi~ said:

shahrukh khan said:

enigmatic nick shouldnt be blocked...he didnt got any warning with that nick

srk .. ager koi banda mess karey ga tu woh jb per nahi rahey ga .... chahey woh koi bhi nick use karey

Rules main kahan likha hai?
Posted 21 Aug 2005

tt set banda hai...avatar main bachi rakh li hai...mujhe bataya bhi nahi
Posted 24 Aug 2005

Maachis says
Moon Light complain kar dee hai

aub dekhna khuch bhi naheen ho ga lol
Posted 27 Aug 2005

guest. says
Maachis said:

Moon Light complain kar dee hai

aub dekhna khuch bhi naheen ho ga lol

sab app per jo gay hein..kaam karnay k mamlay mein
Posted 28 Aug 2005

She looks really ***y, except I can tell she has small BOOBS! What good is a woman if u can't even feel her stuff-and put her boobs in your mouth, lick'em!!! ALso, I would wann'em 2 be as big as basketballs. YEA!!!
Posted 28 Aug 2005

playerrr says
heart_hacker said:

helllo mansoooooooooooooooooooor

whereeeeeeeeeeeeeee r        uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

lol king ko bili {cat} lay gaiee lol
Posted 02 Sep 2005

Ashii says

sab fazzoooolll log jama ho gae hein yahan
haddd hai
Posted 04 Sep 2005

iffy123 says
hi sweety,
           hi, how r u? what r u doing. r u marry me
Posted 08 Sep 2005

sara_kh says
yeh r u marry me konsi english hai jinaab
Posted 09 Sep 2005

what bachon ki tarah...what do you think of urself...u a perfect
Posted 16 Sep 2005

Desi_MC says
y r u takin it so seriously ??
its jus an internet world....
o gawwd,
wassup with jb???
jb or n e body in particular???

im not askin bout ur pics
im askin ur room pics....
i wana c ur bed
Posted 13 Jan 2006

max pow3r says
aye meray hamsnaheen chal kaheen aur chal is chaman main ab apna guzara nahee lolz@frankenstein
Posted 16 Jan 2006

Ayesha says
jee aap hi bata den...
Posted 18 Jan 2006


wol said rulz are for every one not only for mods

Posted 18 Jan 2006

Shahenshah said:

so i am back from pak...

everything was fine just untill one week after my marriage then one of our relatives who came for wedding from italy was shot dead outside the house for mobile phone...and that's why i couldn;t make it to the JB meeting in isl cuz i had to go for the funeral to his home-town in peshawer...i had no access what so ever to internet in pak so i couldn;t update anyone...i had tt & wol's numbers but lost them too :( but thanx again wol and TT for coming to the shadi... it was no fun after i got back from funeral my own father had revieved threats to either give money of they will kill him & my uncle arranged for us to live in army mess for a while...and i couldn;t really go out no where when we went to airport we were escorted by army jeeps all the way to the airport terminal for safety so like i the end it was not realy fun as these calls spoiled all the fun the calls didn;t father is still in pak and i am concerned bout yeah that;s what happend in pak...i have a pic we took of me, wol & tt on my walima...i'll post it later on...

tt & wol, i really wanted to hang out with u guy...u know go eat somewhere etc etc...but i am sorry all got spoiled but now that i am married, i am sure my next trip back to pak will hopefully 2-3 years

acha abhi ta ta...i just wanted to give u guys updates....and myst sorry i couldn;t make it to isl...and i am glad u all had fun...

also thanx for HH for taking some time and calling me from pindi

it seeems like an action movie come melo drama. nice try. . but dil rakhny k liya kah dayan gay "wow kiya baat hai ap ki n afssos hua " but pa je u kno me na

kidding lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Posted 18 Jan 2006

u got mad nina..
Posted 19 Jan 2006

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