Wearable Devices that can not Ruin You

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The latest generation of smart devices is a wide selection of different properties, so you can always choose among the entire variety of models, a gadget with an incredibly reasonable price. In addition, there are quite a few companies on the market today that are developing the second and third generation of smart devices, which is why previous models are quickly considered obsolete, which means they are becoming cheaper. While these gadgets may not take all indicators into account when shopping, you will definitely find what you need.

At a price of less than $ 80, you can purchase a small beautiful device that belongs to the trackers of the budgetary fitness category. Round devices were undoubtedly created to help almost everyone take the chance to record and analyze their activity.

First of all, it should be noted that the model Withings Go is equipped with an E-Ink screen where all indicators are displayed. In addition, the scoreboard remains clear in bright light, and if necessary, instead of displaying the activity indicators, you can adjust the gadget to the normal clock mode. The E-Ink screen is an original idea that has a long battery life, even under continuous use conditions.

The user progress process is displayed using 88 segments, where the middle icon switches to display daily results. If you click on the center of the screen, the device enters the normal watch dial mode. When pressed again, the gadget will return to displaying your daily activity metrics.

The Withings Go gadget is available in five colors: black, blue, green, red, and yellow. The device can be worn on the wrist, worn attached to a pocket, belt or shoe. Withings Go is specifically designed to achieve accurate interaction and measure all indicators without the need for user control.

The device has the function of continuous measurement of activity 24/7 in the mode of walking, running, swimming and sleeping, as well as automatic recognition of various daily activities. For walking and running, the device analyzes the number of steps, distance traveled, calories burned and the duration of jogging. At night, the Go tracker can distinguish between light and deep sleep in order to present all the necessary indicators of the picture of your sleep as accurately as possible.

Battery life is about 8 months. To recharge, you just need to replace the rear section and the device is ready to continue working. In addition, the Go model is waterproof at a depth of 50 meters and automatically recognizes when you are going to swim, recording the swim start time and information about calories burned.

Summing up the above, Withings Go is a super attractive budget tracker that will always remind you to move. Attach the device and forget about it.

Fitbit is currently the world leader in wearable device sales. Here are some reasons why Fitbit trackers sell so well. The devices are easy to use, reliable, have a good appearance, are accurate and can interact with various applications.

Fitbit Zip can be worn on a pocket, on a belt or attached to a bra, depending on whether you want to hide the device or put it on public display. This tiny tracker can count the number of steps, measure distances, burned calories and transfer all data to a computer or smartphone. The tracker is supplied with a silicone clip, has protection against a rain, splashes and sweat.

The mobile application has a good design, easy to manage and allows you to easily configure information, tracking progress in sports, calories consumed and water balance. All data can be found and studied again for any period of time.


The Misfit Flash device is a budget version of the popular Shine tracker. The main difference between the devices is the price (Flash is almost half as much) and the body material (Flash is made from soft plastic). Everything else is almost the same.

Being made from soft material, Flash has one advantage over Shine - the outside of the device works like one big button. Pressing here is equivalent to double clicking on the Shine model - the minimalist display in 12 LED shows the activity indicators for the day.

Like its more expensive fellow, Flash runs on a flat, round battery and does not require recharging. The device automatically counts steps, calories burned, distance covered, quality and duration of sleep, measures activity while cycling or swimming. Flash is waterproof and can work at depths of up to 30 meters.

The next level tracker is the Link model, an extremely inexpensive tracker from Misfit. The best budget fitness tracker in the $ 20 price segment is the most budget device on the market. The body is made of soft plastic, the same material that is used in suits for astronauts.

Posted 25 Mar 2019

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