What is better for you smoking cannabis or take CBD?

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What is better for you smoking cannabis or take CBD?
Posted 23 Dec 2019

Grantet says
Yo, ppl. Anyone knows what kind of cannabis is better on it's effectivnes vs price? On this website marijuanabreak.com I discovered lots of products, but what's the best from this point I dunno. Sooo, can anyone help me to solve this problem, please?
Posted 23 Dec 2019

Anna2N says
It really depends on what you want to achieve I'd say. It seems like smoking is better if you want to just get high but I hate smoking so for me cbd is better in any situation.
Posted 07 Jan 2020

I believe that using cbd is much less harmful than Smoking marijuana. Cbd is a pure product that is separated from other marijuana compounds. Read about it on GlasgowLive The penetrating effect of the active substance itself is much higher and there are more specialized applications of cbd oils.
Posted 10 Jan 2020

Norty says
I am sure that cbd is a better decision. I don't know the reasons why but it is just my preference. I know, tastes differ but I will leave here this link https://herbmighty.com/buy-cbd-oil-near-me/ If you need to find cbd in your town, it will help you. 
Posted 13 Feb 2020

Posted 13 Feb 2020

Neither, I just prefer vaping. Smoking is harmful, meanwhile edibles can't provide with an effect strong enough. To me there is no better usage of cbd oil than vaping cbd concentrates with a device like Yocan Regen
Posted 27 Feb 2020

If you want to know the difference between smoking cannabis and taking cod then click here. I am sure that after reading this blog, you will have all of the answers that you are looking for.
Posted 14 Apr 2020

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