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Hey! I'm Sundy - fitness trainer. I am planning to develop my owm fitness app. This is a very popular topic nowadays, as a lot of people have no possibility to visit gyms, and they don't know how to train at home. In such case fitness apps come in handy. Recently I've found an interesting article on how to create a fitness app. I know that many apps had already being developed, but I've decided to create a brand new fitness app. I've faced such problem: whether to outsource app development
process or not?
What do you think? I will be glad to hear your opinion!
Thanks in advance!
Posted 04 Aug 2020

MarkUltra says
Yeah, it is a pretty good idea, to my mind. But nowadays there are a lot of different apps, that will be your competitors. Are you ready for this? As for me, I like this website most of all when I make some fitness. It is like an ideal for me, you can check it too, maybe it will be helpful.
Posted 23 Aug 2020

EthannK says
It is a very nice idea. Good luck
Posted 26 Aug 2020

daisyfaith says
Hire best mobile app developers company located in Canada and USA has worked across all the major vertical Medical, Fitness Healthcare App Development Services
Posted 09 Sep 2020

maryna says
It is certainly a big decision to outsource app development. But it is totally worth it. Especially since the cost of outsourcing mobile app development is lower than if you would do this in-house but the quality is just as good, even better. This guide will help you figure it all out.
Posted 20 Oct 2020

Hi! I think it's a really great idea to develop such an app especially in terms of COVID-19! I enjoy training at the gym, but now I'm afraid a bit to go there, so choose to practice at home! By the way, if you need help with the app, I highly recommend the team of real professionals ?Requestum
Posted 30 Oct 2020

Developing your own business is very good. If you want to develop your fitness then you should ask for help from specialists on the website These specialists do a better job than the competitors I found on the Internet. Much higher quality and lower prices. I recommend that you follow the link and read more about this company.
Posted 28 Nov 2020

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