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Posted 25 Apr 2018

Success is sweet but the secret is sweat, the word success means becoming what everyone would love to be, being a star or a motivator, but the question is how many people wants to be successful? Yes everybody wants to be successful but the question on board is can you pay the prize of success? There have being many people who today have being successful, you may know some of them I don’t want to start calling names over but you know them and being successful is counting the number of people who has become successful through you , A man once said “I count my riches based on the number of people I put smile on their faces”  do you want to be a successful person then we are going to show you some attribute how successful people grow.
  1. Surviving
  2. [/*]
  3. Succeeding
  4. [/*]
What is surviving ? the word surviving are the life you live on pressure and suffering , not having enough to take care of yourself and family you are depressed every minute you have a job were you get paid every month you are living a life of suffering and smiling you are not comfortable with your career you are not living in type of place you have wish for, your salary is not anywhere helpful to you, you don’t even have time for yourself , your boss decide things for you, this is a life of surviving.
What is Succeeding? The life of succeeding is a life that most people wants to to live but they are unable to have it  because of laziness, fear, fear of failure, living a life of “what will people say about me”  unable to take risks, succeeding is living a life that almost everything you need is present to you , you have a financial freedom, you go to work anytime you feel like, you live in a comfortable environment with your kids you go for a vacation with your family , in fact you are a free man. This is a life of succeeding. Now this is success through you people feel happy from the inside out, they look up to you as a mentor and they wants to be like you because you are a success . No one will hang around with a failure or else he is a failure too.
Now in order for you to succeed in life you “MUST” drop down the mentality of JOB because you can’t get successful. The word cash flow quadrants what does it means….
  • CASH – Money
  • [/*]
  • FLOW – Constant
  • [/*]
  • QUADRANTS – four cardinal points.
  • [/*]
Cash flow quadrant is being divided into two 95% and 5% these two category of people are very important we have the 95% which are the poverty zone and the 5% which are the wealthy zone. We know that no one can ever count the number of poor people in the world or even your community can you? But at least you can count the number of wealthy people in your area, now let’s proceed .
  • Almost 95% of people in the world probably are – Employees.
  • [/*]
  • And 5% of people are - Investors.
  • [/*]
– Employees are people who depend their lives on people, government etc. if government worker they are willing to work for the government for at least 35 years then they will be retired and when are retired the go back to their poverty life waiting for their pension living a life of suffering and smiling they don’t amount to anything ….after many years of working for the government the will now turn to “Self-employed” they may decide to open a provision store to sell to make a living, this is a life of an employee from employee to self-employ from self-employ to employee . this is how successful people grows day by day .
–Investors these are people who get wealthy in life why? Because they are their own boss they love to invest on people’s business and buy shares from banks and international companies. Now let’s talk about an –Investor a manufacturer of pen this man start producing this pen distributing to all shops and stores one day he had a thought that came to him he said, you are producing a pen how many pen are you going to produce that will make a successful man he pause for a moment and start making a change of mind he said I’m produce pen why don’t I come out in a bigger form, today that same man is the one who produce all plastic rubber, chairs, foil , take away, and many more that is the power of productive thinking. this is how successful people grows day by day .
Now success comes to those who thinks of success and strive for it have time to think, think, think, think and think still your brain that boosting. This is how successful people grow every day by day.
Stop wasting your precious time thinking about something you know to well that you can't get,, instead of putting more energy on that just try and start up something for yourself success does not come by imagination it comes by action work ,smart work , hard work, and enthusiasm. you are a successful person if you live where you are right now ...don't let your background put your back on the ground go and do something now , Now is the best time for you to start up something many of successful men and women start doing something yesterday but today they are already successful. This is how successful people grow every day by day.


Posted 17 Apr 2020

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Posted 19 Apr 2020

sonuwaliya says
[table][tr] [td]Sonu Waliya Independent young college lady here. Contact me and get your wishes fulfilled. I’m on my vacations and just want to spend my loopy time . Anyone who desires to be part of me and want to have amusing call me or Watsapp.[/td][/tr][/table][table][tr] [td][/td][/tr][/table]
Posted 19 Apr 2020

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Posted 22 Apr 2020

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Posted 22 Apr 2020

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Posted 07 May 2020

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Posted 15 May 2020

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Posted 22 May 2020

Posted 22 May 2020

Posted 22 May 2020

Posted 22 May 2020

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Posted 27 May 2020

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Posted 27 May 2020

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Posted 02 Jun 2020

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