FIFA 18 Winter Upgrades / Downgrades

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The snow is known to be playing less beautiful football, but fifa coins online is upgrading with winter upgrades at that time. The so-called Ratings
Refresh provides new player ratings and fresh wind in the transfer
market. What happens to the cards and when is the release date of FIFA
18 Winter Upgrades expected? We would like to present you all the new
ratings here and provide you with the most important information about
the winter upgrades.
 The player cards in FUT are pretty inflexible. Unlike other game modes in FIFA 18, the FUT cards can not be constantly updated and adapted to
the real performance of each professional kicker. Except for OTW cards
(and Path to Glory cards), the values on a card remain the same
throughout the season.

Some players will receive in-form cards (IF cards) during the season,
but the stats of the standard cards will not be changed. With one
exception: the winter upgrades in February.Twice a year, the standard
player cards in FUT are updated: When a new FIFA offshoot appears (in
the fall) and after the winter transfers, in February.
 These adjustments are intended to reflect the real achievements of the players, who
showed them consistently in the field in the months before.

Until FIFA 16 there were only "winter upgrades". So player cards could
only be upgraded, only get better values. In FIFA 17, however, there
were some changes: the winter upgrades were renamed "Ratings Refresh"
and there have been downgrades since then. Presumably, FUT 18 will again
provide ratings refresh with upgrades and downgrades.

Usually the gold cards are upgraded by 1-2 points in the rating. Silver
and Bronze players receive upgrades of about 4 points. In rare cases,
the improvements in Bronze players can reach a whopping 15
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Posted 22 Aug 2018
Posted 04 Sep 2018

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