repairs with each other also very strong

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England urgently hopes to find out of one mind person to suppress war and protect importance Versailles system.But Roosevelt of opposite shore
in Atlantic to this disdain to a to attend to, virtuous idea two Minkah Fitzpatrick Authentic Jersey countries are simply to withdraw a country allied, the Soviets also
threatens if don't understand in addition to don't understand for
blockading Spain in addition to to Su embargo treaty, they will also
withdraw a country to unite.As for France they are when still banding
together rich, can finish fixing Ma Qi Nuo's defense line.
So, as British diplomat, he now the most important mission is to
find out allies.
Original England wants to cooperate with the United States, but that
damned lame person of Roosevelt, don't fight but back intentionally
avoid medium the day withdraw Philippines and tolerate two Ryan Tannehill Authentic Jersey countries extend toward the south to fight a British Empire, this lets
British and American Pacific Ocean cooperations die without being
ill.China originally wasn't a good choice, but the problem is, chose
that Japan is whatter a mess.Because national territory narrow national
strength not help, Japanese only remain a road now, so their navy more
and more the Duo Duo is pressing, let Royal navy misgiving south the
china sea even the safety of Indian Ocean.
Finally think to want to go, British government still decides to
discuss with Yang Qiu first, after all China still strictly guards
commitment up to now, didn't look for a colony benefits.However Adam Thielen Authentic Jersey before this, England has to want an explicit matter, be in virtuous
whether have already held hands?"Have no!"Yang Qiu by surprise
shakes:"Mr. ambassador, I and Mr. Hitler's just get along with pleased
of good friend.Because there is no gains and losses conflict in China
and Germany, the economy repairs with each other also very strong, so
our cooperations are only limited by company Mao realm currently."
Allow Ge Sen to quickly hold tight these two wordses, the heart
bottom doesn't know why to always feel not and dependably.He come
Chinese front once studied this person of Yang Qiu well, was good at a
lecture and make use of the wrist of international relations very vivid,
the morally upright outward appearance bottom hides a than fox
deceitful heart.So he doesn't believe these words and start to carry cup
to blew off hot air and lightly say with smile:"Mr. president, is
European situation in nowadays very complex.Germany has already re- born
arms, the Soviets' armament is also the safety that threatens your
China.These safety threats also let our country a little bit local
persons really worry.But I think, since we can vanquish them once, so
will have Dalvin Cook Authentic Jersey second time and third time!Particularly is German navy break off for
quick 20 years, no matter how it is, make great effort, they are all
impossible to make up so serious loss within several years, as long as
they surround in the mainland, so any external strength all isn't likely
to cross Royal navy to support."
Yang Qiu how can not understand the meaning of this time words,
nothing but be in the threat and warn oneself, it is unworthy to
cooperate with Germany, because you can not vanquish Royal navy, finally
can respectively for fight.What to is regrettable BE, this kind of
camouflage of strong still can not cover up him endocentric of
infirmity.However having a words didn't speak amiss, Hitler was in fact
similar to oneself to is all navy's idiocy.
Posted 13 Nov 2018

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