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GENEVA Maurkice Pouncey Steelers Jersey , Sept. 16 (Xinhua) -- Marine populations have been reduced on average by half globally in the last four decades mainly
due to overfishing, marine habitats destruction and climate change, the World
Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Wednesday said in a report.

The report, titled "Living Blue Planet," tracked 5,829 populations of 1 Cameron Heyward Steelers Jersey ,234 species between 1970 to 2012, showing that a steep decline of 49 percent of marine populations, including marine
mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish.

The new finding said species essential to commercial and subsistence fishing may be suffering the greatest declines Ben Roethlisberger Steelers Jersey , with the dramatic loss of 74 percent of popular food fish that includes tuna, mackerel, and bonitos.

Adding to the crisis of falling fish populations, the report also showed steep declines in coral reefs, mangroves and sea grasses that support fish
species. Over one-third of fish tracked by the report rely on coral reefs, and
these species suffered a dangerous decline of 34 percent between 1979 and 2010.

According to the report JuJu Smith-Schuster Steelers Jersey , over-exploitation is the major threat to ocean biodiversity and climate change is causing the ocean to change
more rapidly than at any other point in millions of years.

Rising temperatures and increasing acidity levels caused by carbon dioxide aggravate the negative impacts of overfishing and other major threats including
habitat degradation and pollution.

However, the report noted much of the activity threatening the ocean is avoidable and solutions exist to change the scenario.

John Tanzer, director of the marine program at WWF International, told Xinhua that areas like Coastal East Africa, the Coral Triangle region in South East
Asia and South Pacific are under particular pressure and need urgent attention.

In order to address the overfishing issue, Tanzer said seafood businesses James Conner Steelers Jersey , non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governments have to build more sustainable economic pathways for communities
that are currently overfishing.

He named a few options for taking the pressure off coastal resources including fisheries, alternative livelihoods, government adjustment programs, as
well as better prices for product and habitat protection.

To reverse the downward trend, the NGO called on global leaders ensure that ocean recovery and coastal habitat health feature strongly in the implementation
of the UN's sustainable development goals that will be formally approved later
this month. Negotiations on a new global climate deal are also an important
opportunity to forge agreement in support of ocean health.

"This year is particularly auspicious for the ocean because of two major opportunities to help it recover," Tanzer said.

The next steps will be for states to drive policy action and investment in the range of options mentioned above T. J. Watt Steelers Jersey , and to bring it all together in science-based, comprehensive marine resources management systems.

A CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant is a trained individual who attends to the patients that need medical supervision and attention with their day or night
routines. The terminology of a CNA may differ from one country to another. In
order to become a certified nursing assistant, one has to go through an apt
training session and obtain a CNA Certificate to be able to practice their
services. This certificate is a proof of the person?s experience and training in
the field of medicine. The certified nursing assistants are very much in demand
by the medical institutes and hospitals.

Certified nursing assistants are assigned a combination of duties with respect to the patients they are looking
after. These may range from surgery assistance, production of health plans, and
evaluation of tasks to aiding in non-technical issues as well. One can opt to
become a CNA by registering for the free training sessions that are usually
provided by hospitals or vocational organizations. In order to become a
certified nursing assistant one must score well to pass the state exam.

The classes conducted for the certified nursing assistants usually increase their awareness and knowledge related to practical clinical learning.
For students who tend to pursue a career in nursing, identify the hospitals
which have contracts with the colleges to offer free courses to the students.
Even the armed services offer a variety of certified nursing assistant programs.
With the health industry keeping up with the pace of today?s time Le'Veon Bell Steelers Jersey , the demand for CNAs is growing. Not only are the certified nursing assistant fully capable of handling tasks assigned by a
registered nurse, but, also have the ability to aid with the house hold tasks as
grocery shopping etc.

The training of a CNA, teaches them to become accurate and flexible to be thorough in following the instructions. They tend to
become caring and develop apathy for the patients who are completely dependent
on the certified nursing assistants, for carrying out their everyday rituals.
Most the times, the certified nursing assistants are also responsible for
cleanliness and sanitary conditions of an institute which includes;
mopping Antonio Brown Steelers Jersey , buffing, linen disposal, disinfecting etc. These training sessions are grueling and not a cup of tea for

However, for those who wish to serve the humanity, CNA Training Programs can be completed in about a month?s time with full time attendance. In
order to become an accomplished certified nursing assistant one will need to
complete not only the training but also, on-job tenure to become certified by
the state. Also Joshua Dobbs Youth Jersey , it requires the trainee to take state approved course and pass a written and practical based exam from the respective state.
Last but not the least; these training sessions allow the person an
understanding to how a CNA?s job is more than simply employment, it is the way
of serving people who cannot help themselves.

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